I first visited Priory Farm about four years ago, pre-children. I fell in love with it instantly. On that occasion, circumstances didn’t permit for me to have a gander. After that my recent visit was last Christmas with Hubby and Angelo. We went to meet Santa Claus at his grotto. I’ve been keeping myself in the loop of all events via their newsletter and that’s how I found out about their Discovery Walk! I chose the tadpole trail as it was a very cold day (with snow flurries thrown in for effect) and Angelo was in his buggy for warmth. Hubby and baby girl stayed in the cafe. As usual somewhere along the line, in the excitement, I must have wandered onto another trail. It felt like I was pushing Angelo up to Calvary Hill but here are my highlights from visiting Priory Farm.



The Trail At Priory Farm


As I huffed and puffed pushing Angelo along the trail, he graciously treated me to his medley of Old MacDonald and Five Little Ducks. I’m not sure which one of us was more excited when a bunny went hopping across our path!

The trail was dotted with various objects of interest, from a Native American tepee with a drum inside, to enormous wind chimes, a bee cottage and  much MORE.





Angelo was so excited when I said “SHHhhhh be quiet. Can you hear that?” He looked at me, smiled and put one hand to his ear like ‘hark I hear something’. His little face lit up when he heard the melodic tinkle of the wind chimes AND was able identify the mechanical engine sound a  helicopter that flew past and crashed into our moment.



Cluckingham Palace

Ah well… OH! I almost forgot, Cluckingham Palace home to the majestic ducks and chickens. We probably rambled for about 30 mins. We had used the discovery sheet to chart our finds but if we had stuck to the tadpole trail it might have taken a little over an hour.  Still, I felt it was a lovely way to spend the afternoon: breathing fresh, stimulate your child’s mind and get the blood pumping with a rambling walk.

The Scene At Priory Farm


I took a few snaps of places of interest along our mini trek. Below is one of the views.



Cafe Life A Priory Farm

Okay, I will not spoil it for you, go on. I want you have your own surprises along the walk. Do take your kids on the nature walk there’s much more to see. There other attractions such as fishing as well as seasonal activities like daffodil picking. Also, stop by the cafe for a treat at the end, that’s what we did.

priory farm cafe

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