Perish the thought ladies don’t like gadgets. Some months ago I spotted a device at the Mothercare SS15 Press Day. At the time I thought it was a new model baby monitor. Upon enquiry I found out that it was actually a speaker. I was fortunate to be given the device to trial, it’s the Stellé Audio Go-Go Speakers.


How it works

Whether you are a stay at home mum or working mum, life is fast pace. A gadget that mutli-tasks is a dream and makes life on the go less stressful. The Stellé Audio Go-Go wireless speaker is one such gadget. The speaker works with Bluetooth and functions as:

  • Speaker that can play music and stream any audio content
  • Speaker phone

Because it works with Bluetooth the Stellé Go-Go speaker set-up takes very little time, then you are ready to go! Along with the Go-Go speaker,  inside the package there is:

  • USB to USB Micro Charging Cable
  • 3.5 Aux-in Cable
  • Removable Hanging Strao
  • Adjustable Speaker Direction Mount


Setting up


To get started all I had to do (after charging it for a bit) was to switch the speaker on; go to my phone settings, wait for the speaker to be detected then select connect. The syncing to my mobile took less that 5 minutes. I first used the speaker to stream some of my favourite songs from YouTube. The sound was amazing. The tunes played out clear, crisp and clean. It was powerful enough to take on the road. I tested it while on the school-run, after the Christmas holidays. The sound was strong enough the beat the road traffic along my walk route with the kids. At one point I actually had to turn the volume down a bit. I think I was drawing unnecessary attention to myself, not sure everyone was into ‘Uptowm Funk’ by Bruno Mars as much as me.


How we used  it


My children are quite fond of The Story Circle and Ms Booksy channels on YouTube. I thought I’d use the speaker to stream the stories to their bedroom, however the distance between my mobile in the living room and their bedroom was too far. I didn’t actually measure it but I estimate the distance is about about 15 metres. Therefore, I suggest that when using the speaker and mobile the devices should be closer together than 15 meters for a strong of connection. Once the speaker in synced to the mobile, all sound comes through the speaker, which is why it can be used as a speaker phone. The speaker phone feature is a very handy, when out, about commuting or exercising.  Hands free tadah!

Although I’ve indicated that the Stellé Go-Go speaker is a gadget that ladies would find handy, that doesn’t mean it’s a ladies gadget. In fact, the circular smooth neat design in white and gold is not gender specific. Due to its shape and size it’s portable. ‘The lightweight, ergonomically designed Go-Go Speaker weighs in at just over half a pound (0.27 kg)’. The adjustable straps allows it to be secured a sturdy frame such as: buggy handle, bedpost, an internal car handle, a bike.   I’m quite fond of using it while I’m in the shower, without a strap it be placed anywhere in the home.


Where to buy


The Stellé Go-Go speaker RRP£99, at that price point it’s a luxury item. However because it’s versatile and for such good quality of sound its worthy investment. It would also make an excellent gift for a new mum, a lady on the run, a sporty guy, a jet-setteing. The Stellé Go-Go speaker can be bought via the Stellé  Audio website for £99. You can also follow the brand on Instagram to see what other nifty gadgets they produce.



Please note, this is not a sponsored post, however I was given the device to trial for the purpose of this review.


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