I’m not sure how I came I across Symone’s insta account, but I’m so glad I did. It’s a joy to have a fellow expat island girl to connect with. Now, as Christmas approaches, I could think of no one better to share their experience of Christmas in the UK than Symone. This is her guest blog, on The Sandis’ Christmas Traditions.


Christmas jumper day? Gingerbread houses? Christmas stockings? I can imagine what you’re thinking as for the average English person the answer is simple. Christmas traditions.

Christmas in Barbados


It’s been a little over two years, since I planted roots in the UK. If someone would have asked me when I first landed whether these Christmas traditions would have been part of my household, I probably would have told them flat out ‘no’. You see, where I’m from we prefer Great Cake to mince pies, Jug Jug to Brussel sprouts and Sorrel over mulled wine. For many Barbadians Christmas Day is the culmination of the year. Midnight Mas (midnight church), Christmas morning in Queens Park in your best dressed clothing and scurrying home to start Christmas lunch would be a few of the average Barbadian’s favourite things.

Sandis Family

Christmas in England


As expat life would have it, a shift in tradition is occurring. As the cool air bellows through the air and the days grow shorter, I find myself finding comfort in the simpler things in life: cosy blankets, hot chocolate on end and movie nights in with my hubby and two boys. My Christmas traditions now consist of Christmas Eve boxes and matching pyjamas.

While on Christmas Day, the food remains the same (mummy sends my great cake through the mail), our activities are not. We now dabble in Christmas craft, gingerbread houses and family games during the day. We take time after Christmas dinner to pop our crackers and crack a corny joke or two before retiring to again cosy blankets and hot chocolate.

hot chocolate

Do I miss my Bajan traditions? Absolutely! But bit by bit, year by year, I’m finding comfort in the changing tides; knowing that regardless of where I am or what I do, the heart of Christmas is and will always be my family.

Have a Merry Christmas….whatever you do or wherever you are!


The Sandis

I hope you enjoyed Symone’s guest blog, as much as I did. It’s fun having a peep into how other people spend Christmas. Comment below, to share you Christmas memories or traditions.

Symone lives in London with her husband and two sons. She writes about lifestyle and parenting. You can find her via her website, and Instagram.

Whatever you get up to this Christmas stay safe.


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