Second time around I’d like to breastfeed more than I did with my first, Angelo. However, I still don’t have the confidence to so in most places. I don’t like breastfeeding in front of family apart from hubby and Angelo, of course, but that’s just me or is it? I’ve been looking for pieces that I can wear and along with use of my Honeyberry breastfeeding apron would make the process easier Valentina and me.

So far I’ve found three pieces that make me happy, as part of my ‘mummy uniform’ collection. Here they are:

  • A Papaya button-down front t-shirt, with jeans and high-top trainers 

  • Last seasons Gap Jumpsuit with a button-down front and draw-string waste (good for layering), low top trainers (or flat pumps) with or without t-shirt inside

  • A TU denim dress shirt dress with buttons all the way down the front. I tend the way dresses and skirts when its only Valentina and. She’s not mobile yet so I don’t have to do any duck, dives or slides. Its a piece that can also be layered. I’m a fan of polo necks t-shirts and light jumpers. I’ll wear its denim waistband tied at the back because its more flattering for my figure as this stage. Depending on the weather wear either black calf-length boots or high-top trainers, or flat pumps and for some a splash or color perhaps a cute short scarf tied around the my neck.

As the weather gradually warms up, I’ll add some lighter, shorter, more colourful pieces to my ‘mummy uniform’. Naturally, when I’m on a child-free outing my apparel will be brighter, fun with a subtle hint of sexy.

How do you style yourself with you are out and about with your kids? Are you a breastfeeding mum, I’d love to hear from you. Where do you find your breastfeeding friendly clothing or do you improvise?


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