I am 40 years old and I suffer from mild atopic dermatitis.  It comes out at random parts of my body at random times, or maybe it seems so to me. I haven’t been good at finding all the triggers apart from highly perfumed beauty products. I’ve known for some time there are various face and body brushes on the market but I’ve never tried any. I was wary about the effects to my sensitive skin. However, when the Magnitone Pulsar came under my radar, I thought it would be nice to try it. One of its claims is that the Magnitone Pulsar is gentle enough to be used every day. How much damage could it do, right? I had no expectations. I was merely curious to see what if any changes would occur due from using the device.  I’m pleased to report, from my experience that for the Magnitone Pulsar has lived up to its claims.


Face Trial



Additional Comments

1 Skin felt smooth and softer than usual Unpacking and first use was easy. A bit loud, requires more product than when hand washing
2 Nose less congested, face feels so soft I opted to watch the official YouTube videos to be sure I was using it correctly. I was too excited on day 1. Not so noisy under water once shower is running. I charged the device after this use. 
3-8 Skin progressively improved, the fine lines on my forehead (an hydration issue) were gone, the few millia spots under my eyes were gone. Fine moles visible. I missed consecutive day 7 as I was unwell, so I completed the trial on day 8 in the morning


I must note that the noise I mentioned above is not excessive.  In the end I realized it was not that noisy. At the start, I didn’t expect that there would be a noise at all. Also my baby is a light sleeper. We live in a small flat and I used the device at night.  I’m always aware of nose especially if it’s an unnatural sound for her. I opted to do night trials, as I’d have a little more time to myself and less chance of interruption.

The natural lighting in my flat is not the best. On days 4 and 8  I used the flash option on my camera, as it was a bit bleak outdoors which made inside darker. Apart from cropping and re-sizing no other editing was done to my photos. All photos were taken the morning after, within one hour of waking up except for day 8 when I ended my trial on that morning. (Hence the dreamy eyes). The last two photos (bottom centre and right) were taken on the morning of day 15, after I’d been on a break from using the brush while conducting the 7 days body trial.

Body Trial



Additional Comments

1 Skin felt soft,  my legs and arms looked brighter It took me a few minutes fiddling to get the head changed. It seemed easy enough on the video but for me it took longer a bit longer than 5mins
2-4 Mild atopic dermatitis  around my ribs area was much improved. I’m not sure why but I assume that the using the Magnitone Pulsar allowed my skin absorb the skin butter I was using more effectively. I charged the device after the second use just for security
7 Skin feels soft and supple, dermatitis spots on ribs almost gone, underarm area has a brighter more even tone I’m certain it was the Magnitone Pulsar has made the most difference to the dermatitis on my ribs

In the scheme of things it doesn’t take long to use the Magnitone Pulsar.   One minute for the face and about 5-6 minutes for the body. However I opted to carry out each trial separately . I didn’t want to fiddly with brush changes. Every minute is precious to me,  as a mother to two under five years old children. I was able to notice the changes independently of each other.


Overall Impressions

Overall while I’m thrilled about the improvement to my dermatitis (and I stress its mild), the most significant change has been to my face.  My skin has a lovely healthy glow. I would say that my skin is dry and sensitive. Now, it feels more softer and supple to the touch. If it weren’t for the dark circles under my eyes (sleep deprivation courtesy teething baby) I wouldn’t wear makeup. I should mentions, around day 4 after my 7 days face trial I had a little pimple breakout, close to my temple but I think that’s my skin detoxing.  As an aside, I found using the Magnitone Pulsar quite relaxing. I used all four cleansing options on my face: deep clean, exfoliate, pulse lift massage and sensitive. However, for my body I only used exfoliate. Funnily enough it’s the buzzing noise that I noted om day 1 that made the experience so soothing. I’d certainly recommend the Magnitone Pulsar as part of any adult’s beauty regime. As for me, realistically I’m likely to use it once on my body and twice on my face during the week to make the experience more of a treat.

I tried to cover  pertinent aspects of the Magnitone Pulsar and the results I got. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch. Note that my response will be based on my experience during the trial.


The Magnitone Pulsare RRP: £130. You can find videos on YouTube   on the benefits of using Magnitone Pulsar, as well as how to care for it.  Additionally, you can follow Magnitone Pulsar via the following links TwitterFacebook; InstagramPinterest 

Wake up to ‘the new feeling of beautiful…’

Please note that this is note a sponsored post. I obtained the Magnitone Pulsar as a blogger sample for the purpose of this trial. The  opinions and results stated above are based on my experiences from using the device.




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