Coming for the Caribbean I have an appreciation for a good pirate tale. Along with colonization, we have history and a tales of pirates and buccaneers. I choose to enjoy the romantic film versions like Captain Blood,  Black Beard and the like. There seems to be revival of the pirates thanks to film Hollywood. I’ve noticed that on children’s TV there are two pirate themed programmes, both of which Angelo enjoys. Due to his budding luv of pirates, I thought I’d try the limited edition bath book for Matey bubble bath with him. Angelo’s three luvs came together in a recent bath time experience: a bubble bath, story-time and pirates.


In the limited edition Matey bubble bath bath-time book, three Matey characters appear: Max, Molly and Peg Leg. It’s a small soft book with a short tale that’s told in a pirate shanty song style. There is a page of each character. Little ones are encouraged to explore their bath foam ‘…. Make him a bubble beard…’ It’s such fun! And great for imaginative play. We live in a flat so messy/water play has to be done in the bath. While the bath was being prepared Angelo swished the water to make more bubbles… not sure why he used a chop-stick but hey it got the job done.  Once in the bath he listened to the story. He liked the images in the book but was more interested in having bubble fun. After reading him the book, I allowed him to play with a few toys he’d selected to take into the bath with him. As boys do he’d  moved on to the next adventure. He was talking about sharks, crocodiles and all manner of things.

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This is not a sponsored post however we were sent the book to trial for the purpose of this review

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