In my mind I’m a salsa dancer, never mind I’ve not perfected my moves.  I don’t know what it is about the music. It fills me with joie de vie. Perhaps is my Latin connection from my paternal grandmother (*wink wink). Show me the mojitos!  At any rate, if like me, you are a fan of the Latin vibe, look no further than the Leaf & Cane. I attended the grand opening a couple weeks ago and knew, I’d found my happy place. It’s a secluded Latin themed bar with subterranean terrace and cellars. The Leaf and Cane: think rum, rhythm, fine cigars, Latin tunes and art deco Batista era elegance.

Grand Opening of The Leaf & Cane Bar

I attended the opening of The Leaf and Cane with my blogger mate Ondo Lady, on a rainy weekday. Once inside The Leaf and Cane with a prosecco in hand, I was ready to sway to the music of Live Band, SonYa. We munched a selection of Latin inspired canapes and sampled with premium rum and cocktails. The vibe fiesta vibe was really.

This delightfully decadent establishment is on the premises of Crown Plaza London-City Hotel.  The space was once was the Voltaire Cocktail bar (so named after the French writer and philosopher, Voltaire). It’s steeped in history, at one time it was the site of King Henry VIII’s Royal Bridewell Palace, a prison and a bank. The interior has been remodelled. Gone is the champagne library and it’s been replaced with plush velvet seating, tables and art deco fixtures.

The Leaf and Cane has its own reference on New Bridge Street. You don’t’ have to be a guest at the hotel to visit.

Ambience At The Leaf & Cane Bar

Entering The Leaf & Cane was like taking a step back in time, 1930’s Cuba.  All around was the essence of a luxurious yesteryear. The exotic prints of palm and cheeky monkeys offset the sexy grownup by dark wood, velvet and metal geometric designed fixtures and fittings.

Outside on the terrace and cellars (9 in total) there’s a tropical vegetation theme. Each cellar has its own table and seating. The cellars are available for private booking. Inside at the bar you can book a table and food is available.

Attraction At The Leaf & Cane Bar

At The Leaf and Cane a Live Band performs every Wednesday. On Fridays there’s a DJ. Additionally, you can book cigar, chocolate and rum Masterclasses. Did I mention, the cocktails are to die for too.

Without a doubt, this is the place to be. It’s guaranteed to be a hit over the summer and for those bleak winter days, The Leaf and Cane will inject sunshine vibe into soul.


Further Details


You can find The Leaf and Cane on InstagramTo book your experience, visit the website.



(updated 4th July 2020)






Feature image credit: The Leaf and Cane


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