Blogging usually inveigles me to try something I’ve never done before and most likely would not have thought to do. Guess what?! I built a gingerbread house!! For ages I’ve been meaning to bake , build and decorate my own gingerbread house for the Shelter Charity’s Great Gingerbread House sale competition.  I looked at the easiest design but I still felt a bit out of my depth. The thing is, I very rarely bake. Cookies and breads to date I’ve not tackled. Then, I saw that sweet heart-warming grocery advert of the school girl trying attempt after attempt to get her gingerbread biscuits right and I buckled. SO! I bought myself a ready-made kit, all I had to do was assemble. Right?! Easy for some but not for me with two pairs of eager  little hands trying to ‘help’ before I was not ready to be helped. While my decision to assemble rather than bake my gingerbread house meant I could not enter the completion, I still felt it was vital for my readers to know about the competition and the good works that the Shelter charity does.

gingerbread house

Stage 1 to completion, my gingerbread house


Appropriate affordable housing is basic right that many people don’t have access to. No doubt during the winter months this situation becomes even more problematic. Shelter is a charity that ‘campaign for housing rights and fight against homelessness. Every 11 minutes, a family in Britain loses their home. Shelter provides advice and support, including a free helpline that’s open 365 days a year, so that no one faces bad housing or homelessness alone.’ There is no way to sugar coat the issue of homelessness. Sweet-toothed or not, we can’t live in gingerbread houses. However, the delightful Christmas culinary pastime was drawn upon for Shelter charity’s fundraising drive. If unlike me, you have already baked, built and decorated your gingerbread house why not enter the competition. The competition ends on 24th December 2014. Additionally, if you would like to make a donation to the charity please visit their website.

It should have been easy but even making a house of out of biscuit and confectionery was a challenge, nonetheless it had to be done. No one should be homeless and certainly at not at Christmas.


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