Clarks breaks new ground in shoe -fitting for children. Known for their well made long lasting shoes, many parents seek the brand when it comes to fitting their little ones with their first shoes. Choosing Clarks means resting assured that little ones’ developing feet are secure. Now, Clarks pionees a new foot-measuring experience with iPad foot gauge.

The mission behind iPad foot gauge is to  measure children’s feet in-store, and to give both parents and children a fun and interactive consumer experience. The new device uses a footplate to measure foot length and a special digi-tape to measure foot width. This size information is then relayed to the iPad app, presenting an instant shoe size guide that Clarks trained fitters use to find perfectly fitting shoes for each child. The device also features animated Clarks characters, Jack Nano and Daisy, who entertain children whilst guiding them through each simple step. The iPad Foot Guage and bespoke app has been designed specifically for Clarks who worked with award winning design agency Design Works Windsor Ltd. 

iPad foot gauge

iPad foot gauge

Although I recently attended an event hosted by Clarks, with Valentina, to see the gadget at work, we were unable to share in the experience. Valentina is too young to use the new foot gauge. The iPad foot gauge is suitable for use by children over three years or for children who’s feet have grown beyond the measurement of the toddler manual foot gauge. I did play around a bit with the gadget and saw Jack Nano and Daisy. They appear when you select the gender of the child. Once past that stage you enter the age of the child and proceed from there with the assistance of staff.  The iPad foot gauge technology is available to be used in store by Clarks trained fitters as it requires the combination of a Clarks trained fitter, the iPad, foot plate and digi-tape. Clarks will continue to make manual gauges available for home measuring via the Clarks website and stores which offer parents a way of accurately measuring their child’s feet your own convenience. Therefore, when Angelo has his next shoe fitting, he can have the iPad foot gauge experience. He’s a child of this age and loves gadgets. I reckon he’ll like the experience.

Clarks Children's Shoes

Clarks Children’s Shoes

Naturally, once in shop I had to look around to see what’s in stock Clarks SS14. There are so many options but I finally settled on a cute trainer for Valentina as she didn’t have any. For more images from the event visit the album on our Facebook page . I’m looking forward to visiting again to kit out Angelo, as well trialing the iPad foot gauge.


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