Last summer I had my third natural hair big cop. My mate Chelsea did the restyle.  In the autumn I went to a barber. It was my first time ever at a barber shop.  I felt a bit intimidated. It was like walking into a man cave, but my cut was wicked! I loved it! Several months down the line, I still feel a bit anxious when I visit the barber. There’s usually a cool bunch of guys, West Indian men’s men. When I would tell the barber what I wanted and before I’ve had time to check my Instagram he’d be done!  I was amazed and my head stung from the antibacterial spray. I usually sat for a few seconds with my hands over my closed eyes. He always chuckled at my response. Slick cut, not fuss, out the chair, NEXT. Why do I go to a barber instead of a hairdresser? The cut and the price and time-saving is the big pull for going to a barber.


The Salon Visit

When my hair was chemically straightened I looked forward to and dreaded my salon visit in equal measure. While I loved my refreshed style, what I didn’t like was the waiting. A 10 0’clock appointment didn’t mean I’d be seen at that time, even if I arrived early. The time under the hair dryer the final torture. Several hours later, I’d leave the salon with a head that felt shrunken from the dryer. On the upside, I liked the salon banter, the hair wash and ooh the glorious head massage not to mention the range of magazines to catch-up on the celebrity gossip. After going natural instead of quarterly salon visits, I had an annual hair treatment and trim. I probably could have visited more but the cost was too much.


At the Barber Shop

I’ve been to my barber three times so fair at roughly two month intervals. I’m growing my hair again, as it grows I have my edges trimmed and marked to keep the cut looking fresh. Every time I visit my barber I ask myself ‘why do you continue to come here when you don’t feel comfortable?’ Honestly, the cut and the price is tempting. It would be great if there was a female barber. This naturlistas enjoys the cut-life but can’t afford the heavy price tag and day away from home. I want it all: ambience, girl talk, a slick cut, an affordable price without losing a day. Too m uch to ask?

Naturalistas, where do you have your TWA’s trimmed or restyled? Care to recommend somewhere south the River Thames? Where can I find a plush purple palace to cater for my hair needs?


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