If you follow me on Instagram you know I LOVE BOOKS. You will also know that I’m a big fan of Dorothy Koomson novels. Prior to having children, I often browsed the adult fiction shelves at the public library. Although I saw Dorothy’s books; I never borrowed, Then, Dorothy did an interview for Black Beauty magazine, in 2013. Around that time The Ice Cream Girls TV miniseries adapted from her was due to come out. The was awesome feature and I’ve been a firm fan ever since but I never dreamt I be a part of her book’s promotional video! Talk about mind blow! It truly was a #thatgirlmemories moment.


Meeting Dorothy Koomson

I first meet Dorothy autumn 2013. She signed my copy of The Woman He Love Before at Black History Month event hosted Southwark Libraries. Later on, we met again November 2015 at Tower Hamlets Write Idea Festival.  I’m a reader who gets emotionally invited in my books. So I would often comment on Twitter, when I read one of Dorothy’s books. She had to know my vexation with one of her characters, right?!  

Little did I know it would lead to me spending a day with Dorothy and book lovers to chat about her book and lunch together. We discussed all her books and contributed to a promotion video for That Girl From Nowhere.


Dorothy’s Protagonist 

I remember saying to a friend once that Dorothy writes about the stage of life we are at. I would say her books are likely to be more relatable to the 25+ year’s readers. Her characters have lived. They have life-long secrets. Readers with a certain amount of mileage will find it enthralling; the life challenges that Dorothy throws at her protagonists. They may not know anyone with lives like the characters but they will certainly relate to the frustrations, hurts and passions which people of that age group will experience.

Dorothy is the only author I can think of (I’m not saying are no others) who focuses on the characters personality and nuisances before ethnicity is revealed. At first I found it frustrating not knowing but now I value it. It’s all about the character’s journey. What they look only comes into it as far as that in itself affects their life journey.


That Girl From Nowhere By Dorothy Koomson

That Girl From Nowhere is Dorothy Koomson’s 10th book. It was a top 5 Sunday Times bestselling hardback.  It’s an ‘emotional thriller’ about family, family secrets, mothers and daughters, fathers and daughters. The reader will ponder the question ‘is blood thicker than water?’ That Girl From Nowhere also explores interracial adoption. From the first page I was hooked and shed real tears with and for Clem.

‘Clemency Smittson has always know she was adopted but the only connection she has to her birth mother is a cardboard box hand-decorated with butterflies. Now and adult with a broken relationship behind her, Clem decides to make a drastic life change and move to Brighton where she was born.’



Dorothy Koomson’s That Girl Memories Competition

That Girl From Nowhere is undoubtedly one to read. I’m not just saying that. It will take you through a range of emotions. Please take look and listen to what I and other Dorothy fans think about the book. We also are special memories.

If you would like to share your photos and memories too using hashtag #ThatGirlMemories, click this LINK for a chance to WIN a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 camera.

Be sure to tag me too, I’d love to see your pics and read your stories too. And of course do comment below this post if would like to. Happy Reading!


(update 29th May 2020)





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