I slowly began weaning Valentina onto food from six months. I soon discovered she was not ready and so I back-tracked for about one month. On my second attempt, I was not thinking about meals but more about giving her a chance to explore textures at her own pace. I gave her chunky raw veggies, fruits, fries and baby biscuits and such, as she clearly didn’t want things to be put into her mouth. She wanted to see, touch, play, and then taste all on her own. Now at nine 9 months which is Stage 2 in weaning terms she is not interested in mushy purees anymore. She wants food with flavour and texture.  I received a few of the new textured foods developed by Organix bang on time.  She hasn’t got any teeth yet, but she enjoyed most of them.  I think the Organix new foods for babies have lovely range for exploring texture and tastes with little ones.

Organix new textured food for babies is meant to enable little ones to be more open to a wide range of foods. Along with the foods came some leaflets on how to explore textures, as well as advice from Dr Frankie Phillips, a nutritionist specialising in child development. Dr Frankie Phillips comments: “From around 6-12 months your baby will become naturally willing to try new foods, tastes and textures, this period is known as the ‘window of weaning’. So the more tastes and textures your baby can experience during this time the wider the range of foods they are likely to accept as they grow up.” She further states, “Try to offer your baby a range of foods with different textures at each meal as soon as you can once you’ve started weaning. Mix it up and explore, for example try a chunkier main course perhaps followed by a smooth dessert.” In hindsight I reckon that’s the reason Angelo enjoys his food, as I instinctively approached his weaning in that way. However, because Valentina was less interested in food at the recommended weaning age of 6 months I was thrown off track for a while. 

Using the new range of Organix textured baby foods helped Valentina and I to find our way on the weaning journey. She enjoyed the Raspberry and Banana Muesli with yoghurt rather than with her formula. 

I guess she likes the creamy slightly tangy flavour. She ate the Apple and Raspberry pot with relish. She had no problems with the little chunky bits. However, the Multigrain Hearts Fruity were a challenge. She could not cope with the bigger heart pieces neither as finger food nor with formula milk.

She spat them out. Perhaps, because its stage 3. In another month she should be able to try it again because she now showing interest in what we (her family eat). We wants food that looks like what we are having and her lack of teeth is not a hindrance most times

If you are starting out on your baby weaning or maybe you lost your way like me, view the diagram below. You are likely to find inspiration on how to it more exciting for your little one. 

One thing I’ve learnt being messy isn’t always a bad thing. Kids need that tactile experience, even with food. Let them squish it have fun with you. Easier said than done, when you think about the clean up mission but give it a go. You can join in the fun! Perhaps with a toddler, let them feed you food while wearing a blind food and tell them how it tastes using simple words they would understand. Include facial expressions and you are sure to have tasty quality together ( I got that tip from Organix).  I confess I didn’t try that texploration experiment when Valentina was trialing the foods. However, Angelo and I usually mess around during snack time. in this way. I’ve just not yet begun exploring food in that way with Valentina, yet, but I can tell its about time.

About the Organix Infant Cereals and Fruit Pots:
  • Organix Cereals (from 4 months plus) are full of a wide range of flavours and textures to help your little one develop the facial muscles that aid their development from infant to toddler.  Organix Cereals are made to provide a tasty meal, with no nasty surprises like added salt, preservatives or starches.
  • Organix Cereals (from RRP £1.99, weight 120g) are available at all major retailers and online via Amazon and http://www.organix-shop.co.uk
  • Organix Fruit Pots are perfect for helping your little one to explore a range of textures and flavours. With no additive salt, preservatives or sugar, they’re a great way to encourage your little one to enjoy the real taste of fruit and make an ideal yummy snack for toddlers.
  • Organix Fruit Pots (RRP £1.99, 4 x 95g) are available at all major retailers and online via Amazon and http://www.organix-shop.co.uk
For more information on Organix products, advice and guidance on weaning you can visit their website or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Please note that this is not a sponsored post. However I was sent the foods and information leaflets to guide me. The opinions stated above are my own based on our use of the products.


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