When my little pink bundle came home with me on 6th December 2012, I was in shock. She was so tiny! She looked smaller than her brother but somehow weighed almost as much as him when he was born. I’d finally made peace with my stay-at-home-mum role but having time to myself seemed a lifetime away. More experienced mums said ‘don’t worry, enjoy this time, they grow so fast’. Indeed, they were right. Valentina starts nursery next Monday at the age of 3 years 1 month old.

Hubby and I made the decision to send Valentina for her 15 hours of nursery weekly. She was meant to start in September 2016 but they had vacancies for January. We took it. We thought it would be nice for her start while Angelo was still in Reception. She and Angelo would share the play area on occasion over the next 6 months. Ideally but the time he moves on to Year 1 Valentina would have her own network of friends.


Valentina just a few days old

Also, unlike her brother Valentina has been with at home with me mainly from birth. Aged 2 years, she began going to the childminder one morning per week. Now she’s ready expand her network. She’s looking forward attending nursery.  She knows her big brother will be nearby and she knows his friends as well. We had our teacher’s visit yesterday. It was a successful visit. They chatted non-stop and she effortlessly demonstrated that she was willing and able to settle into nursery life. She speaks in full sentences, has a wide vocabulary, steady on her feet, confident, sociable and can put on most of her garments unaided (if not always in the right order).

Valentina 3 years 1 month & Me

Valentina 3 years 1 month & Me

I awoke this morning to the realisation that Hubby and I don’t have babies anymore. The only babies we will ever hold in future would be the babies of friends and one day if we are lucky our own grandchildren. We are not having any more babies, our family is complete.  To celebrate our last day together, Valentina and I we went to our local corner shop. I bought her and Angelo magazines. Valentina selected Sparkle World which came with a small nail art set.  She and I spent the morning being very girly. We completed a few activities from the magazine together. Then, I painted and lightly decorated her nails and brushed her hair. I spruced myself up and she took a few snaps. She loved it and SO did I. She always knows how to make me laugh. She  had brightened my days.

Valentina is leaving the family nest. She’s will be testing her wings. I don’t know how nursery life will change her personality but as a family we move on to the next phase together.

What was it like for you when you ‘baby’ went off to nursery or to school? Did you mark the occasion in anyway? I’d love to hear from you.


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