If you told me 10 months ago that  I’d still be breastfeeding Valentina, I’d have looked at you in disbelief. At the start it was hard going, same as it was with Angelo. Mercifully I never had badly cracked nipples or mastitis but it bloody well hurt for about two weeks! I’m talking eye-watering pain and I would flinch every time I had put her cute lil pouty mouth to my boob. THEN! just like that something kicked in and it worked. No pain, no discomfort and baby and I were happy. Its now been 10 months and I’m still breastfeeding, not exclusively though. Valentina is being combination fed, just like Angelo was, but for a longer period of time.


How long is long enough?


Most mums who breastfeed their babies after the recommended six months period, usually begin to get questioned. “You’re still breastfeeding?!”  “Why are you still breastfeeding?” “How long to you plan to go on breastfeeding for?” OR you get the advised to stop the boob and give food. On thing motherhood has thought me, you can only plan so far. Since its not a race, I have to idea how long I will go before I do stop However I tell myself, when she’s one year old?


I think I’d like to stop after one year just because… well actually, selfishly I’d like to take proper painkillers again, when needed of course. I’d like to be able to take my hay-fever medication. I’d like to eat spicy food whenever. I’m dying for soft smelly cheese!  You know lil things like that. I did say they were selfish reasons but who knows how things will play out. While she has been combination fed like her big brother from week one, she clearly is not a fan of the formula.  We have a lot of formula wastage.


Combination Feeding


Why do I continue, well my milk supply has always been low. Perhaps combination feeding didn’t help matters in that department, but here we are 10 months in still breastfeeding and enjoying it. She does eat food just not as much as I would expect, but then again I’m comparing her to her brother again. Her weight is fine. She’s fit and healthy has not really been sick since birth.


Doing what’s best for you both


Part of me thinks she likes the comfort of the boob. How can I deny her that? Now I know better I want to do better.  I want my girl to get the best of everything I can provide … same for my boy of course.





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