Is it just me or  are the days getting longer and brighter? Thursday was such a lovely day. After taking  Angelo to daycare, I took to Valentina the public park that was near there and from there we went for a stroll. Unlike her brother, Valentina doesn’t go to nursery due to finances. She’s at home with me, but I can see that she’s wanting more stimulation. She’s a bright, determined little girl. In the outdoors she flourishes.  Lucky for her, I’m much less fussy about cleanliness in terms of allowing the kids to ‘get down an dirty’. She relishes having the time to explore and dig out all manner of ‘nastiness’ she finds. Naturally, I observe.  I’m always tempted to pull out my trusty baby wipes but experience with Angelo has taught me this type of learning is vital. Angelo is a bit fussy about mess and dirt. I know that’s down to me. I’m hoping he still has time to grow out of it now that I’m more relaxed about it.  Valentina and had our nature stroll along the backs of the hospital and houses of  our old neighbourhood.


Babe and me nature walk

While the day was bright it was also very fresh. I kept Valentina’s buggy cover down for most of our walk but I took her out from time to time in order for her explore. I’m not sure if she noticed all the squirrels scampering around while she was in her buggy, but I’m pretty sure she heard the birds. Its not a sound her often hears where we currently live.  We were both better for it after our walk. We were calm and relaxed. Here are a few pics from our time outdoors.

nature stroll

Do you take nature strolls alone or with your kids? What do you enjoy most about that time? I’d love to hear from you.


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I’m linking this post to the Country Kids from Coombe Mill blog hop.  Stop by its a great way to get inspiration on what to do outdoors.

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