Graffiti Fabric Pens
Once of Angelo’s favourite activities to do at home is ‘colour drawing’ as he calls it. So he has a little selection of colour pencils, and markers. Like the any toddler he has a big imagination which he sometimes puts onto paper in circle and stroke formations. Such markings are spot on for his age and stage. Its only when the little once are ready for school will they have the ability to hold a writing implement in the appropriate way to copy letters and so on. Recently we were sent the T-shirt Graffiti Fabric Pens to review and Angelo enjoyed using them.
Graffiti Fabric Pens
I confess I had to ‘con’ Angelo into decorating a t-shirt for his baby sister Valentina.  I couldn’t find his plain white t-shirt and I didn’t want to buy a new one. So, I gave him one of Valentine’s, after he worked out the baby-grow was actually her’s. I selected a few colours for him because I felt he’d overwhelmed by too much choice but that was far as my assistance went.
Personalised babygrow with Graffiti Fabric Pens

From the colours he was given he created a funky streaked pattern on the front of the t-shirt. I’m proud to admit that the colour didn’t fade after being washed at 40 degrees, rinsed and dried in a process that took almost 5 hours (with all the other baby clothes)

The t-shirt graffiti pens would make a lovely pressie for a creative child but they can be used by anyone for fun or practical purposes.  It’s aimed at the 6+ years and can be used on t-shirts as well as, personalizing canvas bags, trainers, caps and hoodies.  They can also be used to label clothes. The ink is permanent, and won’t come off in the washing machine or at the dry cleaners. Here’s some ore product info:

  • They come in a pack of 8 colours – yellow, orange, red, purple, blue, green, brown and black
  • They can draw on cotton or canvas fabric, air dry for twenty-four hours then fix by immediately ironing
  •  AND they are great for bags, canvas pumps, t-shirts, cushion covers and table cloths


The pens can be ordered online from Find Me A Gift  at a cost of £5.99. You can follow find me a gift via Twitter  and Facebook.


Please note this is not a sponsored post however I was sent the item to trial. The opinions and findings stated above are my own.


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