I luv browsing the pages of natural hair sites for children. In fact one of the blogs that inspired me to blog was Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care. Yet, I don’t try to recreate any of the styles.  As you know my eldest is a boy and my little girl hates having her hair washed or combed. Saying that it’s a shock that I’d have this issue is putting it lightly. I’ve been natural for over four years, after all. Putting be natural aside, when I was younger, along with my mom I cared for both my younger sister’s hair.  Added to that, I cared for Angelo’s curly hair until he was 16 months before I cut it. His hair was almost as long as Valentina’s is now!  He and I had to problems come wash day,  in fact I combed his hair most days. I guess its true what they say you make your children but you don’t make their mind. Valentina’s mind right now, is set against hair wash days. However after getting advice from children’s hairdresser Sally Nutcher via Prima Baby & Pregnancy magazine (see Aug-Sep issue),  there is light ahead of the tunnel. Combing her hair is getting better.  I will persevere with the washing untill she is verbal enough to tell me why she hates  having her washed. We can tweak our routine again, when she’s a little older.

Valentina's hair washday

Valentina after hair after its been washed

Currently, my hair routine for Valentina is super simple. I wash and condition her hair every two – three weeks. Her hair isn’t oily and because I use products that are more than 50% natural she is not prone to product a lot of build up. that  I twist her hair damp then dry with  a hairdryer. When her hair is dry, I then apply an organic oil along the partings of her curls. Usually, the day after I will untwist her hair and apply a light hair milk then brush her hair into pony tails.  I comb her hair roughly four times per week (or as needed), taking care to always detangle with a leave-in-conditioner or detangler solution along with her Tangle Teezer brush. As much as I adore the chic twists and braided styles, I stick to simple styles or ease because her hair is very curly and  tangles easily.  I need styles that I can loosen, detangle and comb into quickly.  I’m working towards Valentina having a stress free hair maintenance experience.  I also feel less is more for her tender age.

Here are a few of the simple hairstyles I’ve styled Valentina’s into:



hairstyles for curly haired toddler

Are you a parent or carer with toddler hair washing/combing woes? What’s your current hair regime routine? Have you overcome toddler hair washing/combing tantrums with your toddler what was the turning point? I’d love to hear from you, whether your child’s hair is curly, kinky, coily or straight. Share your story.

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