I recently attended Clarks AW13 Press Day, at the Music Room in Mayfair. I know… summer hasn’t arrived yet and I’m talking winter again but that’s how goes in the fashion world. As usual the event was a sleek well-orchestrated affair. ‘The Concept’ if I could call it that was the quality of British production. Attendees were encouraged to select what they desired from the locally produced British produce that was creatively displayed amongst the Clarks goods. Just like the produce Clarks represents quality and wholesomeness. Clarks is a brand that I’ve known since childhood. It’s the go to brand for quality, durable, wearable, practical shoes… right? Well think again. These days Clarks is taking inspiration from catwalk fashion trends, celebrities and their very own archives.  As I meandered around the collections there truly was ‘style at every turn’. But before I get ahead of myself, my main reason for being there was the Kids’ Collection. I am brand so when I get my kids’ First Shoes I turn to Clarks.

Every Little Step

We know that Clarks shoes stand out for quality and durability. But why?  Well, they are put through their shoes through up to 50 punishing wear tests. The rigorous ‘road tests’ include everything from scuff resistance to waterproofing. Their Wear Test Technicians make sure that each of the 1,000,000 steps a child takes in their school shoes are the very best. Not only do the punishing tests ensure Clarks shoes are doing the best for children’s feet, but parents are getting the best value for money too. ‘How the numbers add up . . .

… 1,000,000 the number of steps every child takes in their school shoes

200 the number of kilometres each Clarks shoe walks when being ‘road tested’ before production

18 the number of marathons that equal the total distance walked in a pair of school shoes

13,000 the number of pre-production fit checks we make each year

50 the number of wear and tear tests each school shoe has to pass before reaching our stores

1,000 the number of hours kids wear their school shoes each year’.

AW13 Kids Collection


Now, to enhance their customers’ experience there are two new services for the Kid’s Collection:

  1. The new online booking system– this allows you to book your time with the Clarks branch of your choice to have your child’s feet measured. How brilliant is that for the busy multi-tasking parent.
  2.  If you are DIY parent you can now order your very own foot gage from Clarks to measure your own child’s feet. Very nifty if you’re  purchasing your items online and want to be sure you are getting the right size. Kid’s feet grow so quickly.


You can also visit the Clarks website for useful information on they can help you care for your kid’s foot health. Good to know when selecting a shoe that’s fit for purpose, isn’t?
My two kids are due to have their feet measure. I spotted a cute pair for Valentina. I’m not a fan of pink but this little number stole my heart. I had the ‘Awh moment’ when I saw the Ida Sparkle in Fuchsia!
First Shoes Collection
‘For the First Shoes collection, styles from the Kids’ have been reworked into perfect mini-me shoes. Every pair of shoes in the collection is designed to support the foot with the highest seasonal detail and the softest of leathers’. This key element of the range ensures that little feet are cared for at this important stage of their development. I’m not sure what I’ll get for Angelo yet. He’s now a whooping size 10!  And he’s a bit pigeon toed, as most toddlers are and they grow out of it I’m told. However, he keeps tripping over and sometimes complains of pain when he wears certain trainers. Our health visitor has recommended that he be fitted again and seek advice on the right shoe for him. I must confess that I do fancy the Zander Boy from the Core Collection, we’ll see.
Core Collection
Zander Boy ‘are custom made for runaround every day wear, with key styling drawn from the adult collection’.
Core Collection
Both the First Shoes and Core Collections have rich autumnal colours: Fuchsias, greys, navies, aubergine,  and lovely caramel brown; of course some sparkle too which is always key for the Christmas festive season.

AW13 Men’s & Women’s Collection


Before leaving I had to feast my eyes on the Men’s and Women’s Collections… Just to tease you check out these gorgeous jewelled coloured decadent pieces…
Highland Shimmer Collection
New Edwardian Collection
One of my favourites is the Lorenzo Ocean Wine Pony, which has a Pony hair upper and rose-gold coloured side-zipper detail. It’s in the Active Retreat Collection
Image courtesy Clarks
Then there is the Hamble Oak Wine Leather, which has a plaid detail in the upper side panels of the shoe that was  woven for exclusively Clarks .
Image courtesy Clarks
One it comes to hats and shoes, I’m my father’s daughter in that regard. I have deep love for two toned-shoes. Although in the case of the Hamble Oak Metallic Combin which is also part of the New Edwardian Collection.

And on the topic of two toned-tones shoes, I spotted this beauty from across the room. I was drawn to it.  So…


 … here’s is the story behind the handsomeness that is the Darby Desert Tan Combi. It is a design of the late Nathan Clark, the great-grandson of the founder of Clarks. The Darby Desert is a Classics reinvented and is a profiled as a standout style. Its ‘following on from the success of the adaption of Nathan Clark’s popular archive which was featured in the Spring Summer 2013’. He created the bestselling desert boot in 1947. I’m told that this design was not made in Nathan’s lifetime. He passed away 23 June 2011.



Further Details

For more information on Clarks products and services, please visit their website. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.
Please note, this is not a sponsored post. However, I was invited to attend the event and I received a discount voucher, along an invite to take all the fresh produce I could carry, that wasn’t much.

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