A well-kept studio apartment can be challenging given the lack of square meters you have to work with, but there are a number of ways to maximise space and ensure your guests are greeted with a tidy interior.

Living in a studio apartment can often leave you feeling restricted when it comes to space. Sometimes, the solution is easy and you just get rid of items you no longer need, but other times you are in a position where you have to keep that item for the long-term. Follow these tips to improve the flow of your space, no matter how big or small:


Declutter Before Moving In

Decluttering is a necessary and continuous effort. A thorough clean out is required prior to moving into a smaller space. Only take items you need to your new apartment, as space is extremely limited.

Decluttering is key to improving the overall appeal of your apartment. Living in this sized home means you need to try and live simply. In order to create more space within your apartment,  remove all unused belongings that contribute to a cramped, messy and unorganised environment.

Think Vertically


A simple solution to creating more space is to make use of wall space as well as the space above one’s head. The best ways to take advantage of vertical space includes using vertical shelves, storage racks over doors and picture hanging hooks. Going the vertical route will not only create extra storage space, but it will also open up the apartment by giving the illusion of height and space.


Make Use Of Self Storage

There are many items that simply cannot be kept inside of your new apartment, these include seasonal clothing, hobby and sports gear. These often bulky items can add to the stress of an individual as they become overwhelmed. No-one needs their ski gear in August!


Self storage has many benefits including accessibility, allowing you to access your unit whenever you need to, and peace of mind knowing your belongings are safely stored while at the same time freeing up space in your home. Renting a self storage unit is also affordable. Consider sharing a self storage unit with someone who lives in the apartment with you, as this way you’ll be able to share the costs, making it even more cost effective.

Self storage has proven time over time how convenient and flexible it is to safely store your belongings offsite. Ensure to use the services of a reliable self storage brand that you can trust with your valuables.


These are just some of the simple yet effective ways in which you can live a less cramped lifestyle in a small space.


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