Several weeks ago I was sent some strawberries by Sainsbury’s. These strawberries were like nothing I’ve ever tasted. Now, I come from a tropical country,as you now.  My first taste of fresh ripe strawberries was the most delightful thrilling gustaoception experience. It made me smile and feel happy. I have to say tasting Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference New Forest Dream strawberries was like tasting strawberries for the very first time.

I think the taste of summer is Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Dream strawberries from New Forest. Its almost as though you can taste the sun, the rain and the sunshine in ever bite. It has the feel good factor. ‘Grown in the New Forest, the location is ideal for the sweetest, earliest strawberries and the farm experiments with innovative growing techniques such as using garlic which disorientates prying insects with its odour to achieve the best strawberries possible.  It only takes around 24 hours from the point at which the Dream strawberries are picked in the New Forest to them being available to buy on the shelf at Sainsbury’s, ensuring maximum freshness and quality for customers.’ 

I used my Dream strawberries in a variety of ways but I tried to keep it simple to maintain the original flavour of the fruit.

strawberry dishes_1

We had the strawberries: fresh on their own, in pancakes, and as a side accompaniment to banana fritters with bacon. I tried it in jelly but that was a slight disaster. They floated to the top. I need to work on my technique for that treat. However, I’m now into juicing. Hubby and I have fresh juices at least three times per week. I tend to juice fruit and vegetables together.

Ingredients for juicing

Ingredients for juicing

On one occasion I incorporated my Dream strawberries for even more tasty goodness. The RRP is £3 per pack, well worth it I think. You don’t get the sour taste some strawberries can have, only wonderful sweetness.


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