I LOVE organic self-care products. The lush fresh natural fragrances and textures can be so uplifting. SSB Naturals sent me some of their products to trial for the purpose of this review. They use shea butter which is amazing for top to toe, along with other organic plant based raw materials. The products arrived before Christmas. What an awesome treat to use over the cold winter days,  while I was on a staycation with my family.  SSB Naturals products are amazing.



SSB Naturals


SSB Naturals is a British brand. They have four ranges: Face and Body, Haircare, Men’s and Baby. All products are 100% vegetarian, not tested on animals AND are free from SLS, parabens and silicone.

I received the following products to trial:

  • Shea Butter Balm- 200ML ( RRP£9.50)
  • Shea Butter Hair Food- 200ML (RRP£8)
  • Hibiscus & Jasmine Herbal Hair Oil- 150ML (RPP£10)

The Trial


The Shea Butter Balm is part of SSB Naturals’ Face & Body range. It’s in fused with coconut and almond. It had a lovely nutty smell.  I applied the balm after a warm shower at night. I used small dollops at time, melting it between my palms before rubbing into my skin. The balm immediately gave my skin a lovely moisturised glow. In the morning, my skin looked nourished.

Both the Shea Butter Hair Food and Jasmine & Hibiscus Herbal Oil belong to the Haircare range of SSB Naturals. The hair food contains Castor, Coconut & Argan oils and Indian Ayurvedic Mustard and Neem oils. It’s had a luscious whipped butter texture but it was too heavy for me to use daily. I applied it to my hair when I styled my hair in corn rows or a high bun. I also used the hair food on my daughter’s hair to control her flyaways. It had a zingy lemony scent which I liked and makes it perfect for unisex use. If your hair likes butters, this is one to try.


The hair oil was my favourite product of the SSB Naturals products. It brought back memories of home, because one of the ingredients is the hibiscus flower (known to me as sorrel). Did you see me making my sorrel drink of the Christmas on Instagram?! Some of the other oils include Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, Amla Oil, Neem Oil and Jasmine Oil.

I have a love hate relationship with Neem Oil.  It has a strong pungent smell but is great for keeping head lice at bay, I use it in my own mixtures for my daughter. It’s also good for scalp care.  SSB Naturals worked their magic and created oil that has a perfect balance of the listed that smells lovely. I used the only as part of my washngo h air styling, on weekends. During the week, I applied it to my scalp as part of my scalp/hair care regime.  When I applied it my scalp it felt invigorated so I mostly used it in the morning before styling my hair. I felt alert after using it. The oil made my hair feel soft and moisturized but it didn’t way my hair down. Luv it!


Using the hair food and oil together kept my hair moisturized for days. I was happy with the results.




Based on price point, packaging and effectiveness, SSB Naturals is a brand that naturalistas should know about and try.

Visit the website for further details on their products.




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