Last weekend in March, Central Shopping Mall hosted a Spring Beauty Fix event. I was invited to attend and certainly had not regrets. It was the perfect girlie afternoon out. It was an opportunity  for ‘make up fans the chance to get the best beauty tips and trends for the upcoming season’. There was also a beauty amnesty being run which allowed ‘all shoppers to bring in the their old lipsticks, mascaras and blushers in exchange for a £10 gift card redeemable on beauty purchases over the weekend.’ It could not have come at a better time, I was getting ready to attend the press/blogger screening of Disney’s Cinderella, so I got myself a mini manicure. I also had a colour consultation done. It’s very handy to know your colour palette, especially if you are a selfie and Instagram addict like myself.  Beauty brands will be offering handy tips and style solutions exploring the fresh spring shades and looks of the season. I picked up some useful tips and tricks at Centrale’s Spring Beauty Fix event.

Makeup and beauty buffs, do you clean your makeup brushes? If so how often? Some of us have makeup that’s over three years old, I hold my hands up. I don’t wear makeup every day, so, I think it hard to get rid of a product after 12 – 24 months especially it’s a good brand and still half fun. Good things don’t come cheap and I’m a stay at home mum… well, if you a bit naughty like me, check out this infographic that was given out out at the event.


had a brief colour consultation roughly two year ago, it set me in the right path. However, the consultation I had with Janet Densley while at the Spring Beauty Fix was more in depth we also looked at print and patter colour combinations, and explored the best shades for me in the colours that I like. Janet bases her recommendation of the clients’ skin, eyes and hair colour. Therefore, I fell into the Deep category. Janet kindly sent me a copy of my chart, I thought I’d share it with you, see below.



Once my colour consultation was done, I had my mini manicure by freelance Nail Technician, Lisa. Then as you do, I had a mini makeup makeover at the Body Shop. I was in the capable hands of the very jovial Megan. She gave me the tip applying bronzer. I enjoyed my time in her makeup chair. However, I would suggest in future the brand should cater for darker complexions at such events especially when in a location like Croydon where the population is so diverse. There wasn’t a blush or eyebrow pencil suitable for me. Nonetheless, the entire event was good fun. Here’s how I spent my time at Centrale’s Spring Beauty Fix.



For more information one events and offers at Centrale Shopping Mall visit, please visit their website


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