‘There’s trouble at the zoo today… The animals have run away! The animals are everywhere! Look very carefully as you help the zookeeper count and spot all the zoo runaways in this great animal escape. A bright and busy book to keep you searching, spotting, reading and counting together again and again!’ “Spot A Lot!” is a positively delightful book that is sure to liven-up any story time.  Little ones will enjoy following the zoo keeper on a mini hunting expedition of sorts, to find various animals and objects.  On this expedition a keen eye and counting skills are required. “Spot A Lot” is the perfect book for early years learning.

Spot A Lot

The start of Spot A Lot

We thoroughly enjoyed Spot A Lot during our afternoon story time session at home.  I think it is suitable for ages 2 – 5  years. My own two children, Angelo and Valentina (ages 3 years and 22 months respectively), are very competitive at the moment, so they had fun trying to outdo each other finding the animals and objects with sound effects too. “Spot A Lot” will encourage little ones to focus and use their skills of observations to locate the craftily hidden animals and objects.  There is one character in particular that they must find on each page and he’s usually cleverly camouflaged. This is fantastic for continuity; it’s like the special thread being woven through the story and ties it all together.

Spot A Lot

The hunt has begun in Spot A Lot

Quite a few times Angelo’s keen eyes were better than mine during the hunt. Although, there were times he tried to charm me into showing him, when I spotted something. It’s been a running joke since we began reading this book and had in fact made story time a bit of a learning game. “Spot A Lot” is excellent to support numeracy skills. Children will see the form of numbers and will be required to find a specific quantity of animals and objects as the story progresses. I encouraged Angelo to count aloud as we went along spotting things. Its true, you are never to old to learn, as the saying goes. I certainly learnt the name of a ‘new’ animal while reading this book. There’s an array of domestic and exotic animals in “Spot A Lot” children will find it fascinating.

Siblings animal spotting together

Siblings animal spotting together


There’s a lot happening on on each page, and I feel this book will lend itself to the creation of stories with in the story as the tale is being told. Its totally up to the reader and the age of the listener. A slightly older sibling may enjoy crafting his/her own tale and teaching a younger sibling what he/she knows.

Angelo’s best bits: He loved the animals, especially the crocodile. He felt obliged to make the crocodile sound as well.

My best bits: I enjoyed the creative use of colours, shapes and camouflage throughout the book.

Book Details:

Written by: Steve Smallman

Illustrated by: Nicola Baker

ISBN: 9781472350923

Size: 285mm x 245mm

Perfect Bound

32 pages



Please note, this is not a sponsored post. However we were kindly sent the book for the purpose of this review, by the publishers.


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