In all my 17 years living in England, I’ve never experienced the heat we are having now! It’s great in the day but in the night the heat is oppressive. Now that the school holidays have begun, we’ve been keeping the kids cool with fans indoors and splash fun outdoors. We usually blow up the pool and they hang out in the garden. We’ve also trialled Zuru’s Bunch O Balloons. It was fantastic!  We took the balloons and snacks to a friend’s house and set-up for a mega splash-fun experience. Bunch O Balloons is a fun interactive way to get kids moving outdoors this summer.


Bunch O Balloons Launcher Value Pack            

 We received 1 Bunch O Balloons Launcher Value Pack which included:

  • X2 Zuru Bunch O Balloons Launches
  • X4 Zuru Bunch O Balloons (100 in total)
  • X2 Zuru Bunch O Balloons Bags
  • X1 Quick Connect Adapter




Setting Up

There are 3 steps to Bunch O Balloons: Connect (adapter to hose), fill (the balloons) and make hundreds of water balloons. The balloons are meant to be filled in a container with water. So we half-filled the Bunch O Balloons bags, and then began to fill-up the balloons.  The pipe and the hose were not a perfect fit, but it was not a product related issue.

Since the hose didn’t connect properly to the pipe, the water pressure was not high enough to make the balloons fill up in 60 seconds. Nonetheless, our spirits were not dampened. Maybe about 4 balloons in two bunches failed to fill with the others. We removed the full balloons, adjusted the seals to the empty balloons then filled those up last.

It’s recommended that the balloons be filled to 4-5 inches/10-13 cm in diameter. A measure guide was provided.  We filled them until they popped off which was roughly about the size on the guide. They self-sealed immediately. We took the bags to the kids and ‘the games’ to began.


Epic Splash Fun

The kids had a wonderful time.  A couple teens joined in too!  Just goes to show that even the cool ones will luv it. Honestly, I wanted to join in too, but I decided to be sensible and let the kids get on with it.

The afternoon was 31 degrees when we trialled Bunch O Balloons. The launchers were put to good use.  They can launch up to 60ft but I didn’t encourage kids, for fear of a neighbour being hit.  Lil Val felt guilty. She didn’t want to hit anyone but the boys went in. They were chasing each other around the garden. It was carnage.

Bunch O Balloons are great for picnics, pool parties and general outdoor fun. It’s suitable for 3+ years but adult supervision is required.  The balloons can be a choking hazard to under 8’s and for obvious reasons it’s advised not to aim for eyes and face.

The balloons are made from recyclable material and the seals are biodegradable. My mate has AstroTurf, so, we did a quick tidy up before the kids’ snack time.



Bunch O Balloons are brilliant!! We will certainly buy more balloons this summer to play.

UK Stockists include Argos, Tesco, Wilko, The Entertainer, and Costco. There’s a wide variety of Bunch O Balloons products the stores mentioned don’t all stock the same things, so shop around.

Stay cool this summer (don’t forget your sun protection). And be sure to tell us what you get up to.



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