Whether hair is natural or processed the scalp it grows out of must be cared for. Since becoming natural and being a part of forums as well as attending events, I’ve come to realise scalps are in need of TLC. I’ve heard and seen scalps at have been distressed due to too much tension, scorched from chemicals (even my own back in the day) and scalp that are flaky and in need of hydration. Many of us myself included can be rough with our scalp even on wash day scratching the live out of it in doing our best to clean our half and scalp. These days it’s advised that you don’t scratch you scalp during washing by apply some pressure using finger tips and rub the scalp. We usually do the rub and massage in a circular motion to stimulate the blood flow. Its hair specialists also advise on using a scalp scrub to take away the dead skin and build on the scalp to allow the hair to continue to grow and flourish. Now, Sofn’free has a Scalp Tissue Oil which has been formulated with olive oil to help calm and revive your scalp tissue.

There different schools of thought when it comes to scalp care. Some say applying oil to the scalp helps to retain moisture. Others say it can block the follicles and can be a barrier to healthy hair growth. However, applying oil to the scalp has been a part of many Afro hair women’s hair regime for many many years.  Depending on the scalp and porosity of the hair oil can be applied after hair wash during the styling process and at least a couple nights during the week, before tucking the hair away for bed. It’s a practice passed on to me by my own mother and I now do so for myself and my daughter.

Sofn’free Scalp Tissue Oil is a blend of natural, healing oils help to moisturise and repair scalp. It’s important to note that while the oil is made up of natural oils contain parafinium because some naturalistas are particular and the ingredients in their hair products. It’s advised that the Scalp Tissue Oil should be used weekly to remove flakes and relieve itching. Sofn’free says it’s meant to impart natural shine and silkiness to hair.  It a light, easily absorbed tissue oil helps to repair and nourish the scalp tissue.  The directions states: apply Sofn’free Scalp Tissue Oil on scalp, wet a towel with hot water, and wrap it around your head. Leave on for 15 minutes. You can use it on dry hair and shampoo and dry hair as normal. Or use it after shampooing hair.

During my one month trial of the oil, I only used it to dry clean hair. I applied it on average three times per week, once after washing and trying my hair, as well as at night before bed. The oil comes in a 100ml bottle which has a fine nozzle that allows a precise thin application to the scalp. The oil is light and has a delight sweet fragrance. It does not cause build up on the scalp by the end of the week, as far as my experience goes. My scalp has been free of flakes and itchiness, during the time I’ve been using it. The bottle RRP for £2.99 online and deepening on the thickness of hair and usage the oil will easily last for more than one month.

Sofn’free Scalp Tissue Oil can be bought from most good Afro hair shops, as well as online. The retail price may vary. You can follow the brand via Facebook  or Twitter


This post has been written in partnership with Amka Health & Beauty International



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