My tummy shows all my food sins, so I’ve been trying to repent. After having two kids and making peace my body, all I want now is to be fit, healthy and look the best I can. A few months ago I began shaking up my gym routine, but the results on my tummy were slower than the rest of my body.  Enter Slednertone’s Abs8 Toning Belt. You may have seen on Insta that I have included it in some of my workouts for added intensity. I absolutely LOVE my Slendertone Abs8 Toning Belt.


Slender tone Abs8 Launch


Slendertone was established in 1960’s. Originally, it ‘created electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) technology for the medical industry to repair and rehabilitate damaged muscles.’  As pioneers in the industry, who better to trust for keep fit gadgets?

Slendertone’s Abs8 launch was brilliant. Attendees were briefed on how the gadget works. Then, we lead in a 30 mins workout at Louisa Drake Method (gym) by none other than Louisa Drake. We all used the Abs 8 during the workout. It took less than 5 mins to set up.

I don’t know what was more intense, the Louisa’s kickass workout or the belt crunching my muscles. It was a brilliant session.  I totally enjoyed it and geared up to continue the trial at home.


Slendertone Abs8 Features


The Slendertone promise is that users will see results in as early as 4 weeks (with 5 sessions weekly) Here’s what’s so great about it:

  • The belt is unisex(24-42 inches but extensions are available online)
  • Cut to fit with the natural curves of the body
  • Optimum compression
  • 10 programmes (7 evolutive 3 active)
  • Can be used at rest or low impact exercise
  • 20 minutes = 120 contractions for each muscle group (working  rectus adominis, traverse adominis, obliques internal and external)
  • Power comes from the rechargeable lithium battery which is inside the controller that sits in front of the belt, attached by magnetic pins.



Abs8 At Home And In The Gym


I mostly used the Abs 8 at night while watching … what else… Love Island (don’t judge)! It’s been 5 weeks so far and I could not have been happier.  My favourite programme  was 9, when I was at home watching tele. It’s the equivalent to 9 minutes (beginner crunch) While programme 5 (expert level) was 30 minutes and used it when I was in LBT class. Programme 7 (Ab Power) I used during Zumba and circuit training. It’s also 30 minutes long but I could feel the muscles being engaged at a higher intensity.

I haven’t tried programmes 1, 2 and 8 as yet. Going the Slendertone site guidance, the ‘easier’ programmes are meant for when you are at home. The more rigorous programmes are for when you are doing light exercise.

The intensity can also be adjusted. I’ve been keeping mine to 35 but it can go up to 100. I’m not ready to go highier. Trust me when the Abs8 gets going you will feel it.

Slendertone Abs8


 Abs8 Results


Although I don’t have a washboard stomach, I am happy with the results:

  • I feel stronger in my core
  • My posture is better
  • So far, one inch has gone from my waistline

My results are based on a relatively active lifestyle and better food choices. I have no doubt if I were stricter with what I ate along while on my current exercise regime, the results would be even better. However, what I have gained is just what I was hoping for.

I would unreserved recommend Slendertone Abs8 to anyone who wanted to up the ante  on their core exercises.




Slendertone Abs8 has totally changed my perception of muscle tonging gadgets. However, I do believe for the best results it has to be part of a healthy lifestyle regime.

Slendertone Abs8 RRP£154 on Amazon. The gel pads that come with the belt last for roughly one year.  They are medical grade quality. Replacement medical grade gel pads price ranges from RRP £6.99 to £19.99 depending on the package you choose. If the on the Slendertone branded one gel pads are not available you could probably swap for another but check the directions specification for the belt you purchase.

Be sure to check me out on Instagram, to see how I continue to use my Abs 8. You can also search #slendertoneabs8 to use how other users feel about their toning belt.

As always, when making any lifestyle changes always seek advice from you GP.



(updated 11th May 2020)

(updated 19th May 2023)




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