I know you may not want to think about the colder months just yet but I have to tell you about Skatsz Hats. At any rate based on the summer we are having in the UK this year, we curly girls need to protect our curls best we can. You now I interviewed the sister duo behind Skatsz Hats last month I’ve also been trialling their beanie hat. I luv it! If you missed the interview and what’s a Skatsz Hat you ask. Well Skatsz Hats an affordably priced stain lined woolly beanie hat created by sisters Zainab and Kozy from Washington DC.

I met with sisters Zainab and Kozy when they visited London back in June  , they gifted me with a teal satin lined slouch beanie to trial. Next to purple my next favourite colour is green! The lining was bright red and white polka dot stain. I’m a hat lover that I am I loved it from the first. Due to the lining it was not itchy as some woolly hats can be.

I used my Skatsz Hat for style and function. I wore it on bleak the chilly days that pass for summer days in England. I’ve also used it to cover my hair when I’m deep conditioning it but also need to be out and about doing errands.  Pop on some cute earrings, colour lip balm and off I go. No one need do know what’s happening under that hat! Sktasz Hat was easy and comfy to wear. Even on warmer days when I wore it I didn’t feel hot, just enough air got in to keep my head cool and the satin was a barrier to moisture loss.  FYI, dudes with big hair, you can rock Sktasz Hats to because they are unisex.

Skatsz Hats currently comes in four colours: Teal, Red, Grey and Navy Blue. Fall 2017 they will have new colours and styles. They come in one size. Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, the shape and look of the hat will vary on each wearer. Skatsz Hats ships to the UK, so UK naturalists, you can get yours too.  Visit the website for further details. You can also find them on Instagram and Twitter.


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