If you’re a curly girl like me (or guy) you know the know challenge of finding  headwear that doesn’t dry-out your hair. I love HATS! All kinds, in the winter I prefer woolly hats and caps. I’ve been holding onto the same Accessorize satin lined cap for over six years! Because I couldn’t find an affordably priced satin lined woolly hat that was made in the UK or shipped to the UK. I stress affordable because there are a few but they cost more than I can afford. When Skatsz Hats reached out to me, I was totally up for meeting them and seeing their products up close. If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you’ll know I’m lovin’ my Skatsz Hat. Stay tuned for the upcoming review. In the interim, I bring you my interview with Zae and Kozy, the founders of Skatsz Hats.


TTT: Tell us a bit about yourselves and what’s it like being sisters in business together? 

SH: My name is  Zainab & my sister is Kozy; we’re from Washington DC by a way of Nigeria! We are the founders of Skatsz Hats; Both Howard University Graduates with bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering and Sociology. Collectively, we have over 20+ years of entrepreneurial experience.We feel super blessed to be able to go into business together & are ever so grateful for this opportunity.

TTT: Why the name Skatsz? 

SH: Hahaha, funny little story. So one day I (Zainab), randomly started singing the song scat man like back to back, where I’d yell out “I’m a Scat Man ski-ba-bop-ba-dop-bop” my sister Kozy was perplexed at my random banter but she eventually started singing along too. She just started calling me Skat (man) since then. That was like 7 years or so ago. So when the idea of this satin lined beanie came about she (Kozy) was adamant on calling it Skatsz!

TTT: What differentiates you from you competitors? 

SH: Passion! We’re both extremely passionate about Skatsz & everything it entails. While anyone can benefit from wearing Skatsz, as cotton tends to strip hair in general regardless of texture or length  (curly, coily, straight, long or short) we are very much cognizant of our core demographic consumers & our supporters which are Naturalistas. With that being said, while Skatsz is a business, for us it isn’t just about monetary gain, but what can Skatsz eventually grow into, in terms of the community & positvity of Natural hair & over all positive representation of People of color.

skatsz hats

TTT: Why have you chosen this time to branch over into the UK? And where can UK naturalists purchase Skatsz? 

SH: Honestly the UK market has always been in the forefront of where we’d like Skatsz to be available, but it was all timing & requests. We’d get emails & direct messages on social media asking if we shipped to the UK so it was really a no brainer; As for timing, Skatsz is going to be 2 years old in December & we figure why not let our UK fam in on this awesome product! You can purchase your Skatsz beanies at www.skatsz.com

TTT: What has been the best feedback you’ve received about Skatsz so far? 

SH: Something along the lines of “thanks for making such a necessary product for us & so affordable” & “Where have you guys been all my life!”

TTT: What advice would you give to young female entrepreneurs?

SH: Dont’ be afraid to reach out for help.

  • Celebrate little victories & accomplishments (trust me, it keeps your moral up)!
  • Most importantly, Keep going, no matter what, onwards & forward! You’re going to hit roadblocks, feel overwhelmed & sometimes downright crazy but keep on keepin on.  Don’t dwell on the bad days/slow days because those will come, sometimes back to back but just keep on pushing. Consistency and persistency can never be overstated!

You can find Skatsz Hats on Twitter and Instagram. Why not pop by and check them out. Stay tuned for The Tiger Tales’ review coming soon.


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