I’ve completed my trial of Silk’n Tightra. Honestly I’m glad that I trialled it. Once I got over my initial anxiety of using it, the benefits were amazing. In my previous review, I didn’t go beyond the first setting. To complete the trial, I increased the setting to the normal setting without any problems at all. Silk’n Tightra gave me what I didn’t realise I had lost.


Testing Silk’n Tightra

As the guidelines stated I started on the lowest level setting for 5 minutes. All was well so short press for a higher setting kept it in place for 3 minutes all was well.  Finally, short pressed again which take it to the normal setting and kept it for the final 12 minutes on that setting. By the final treatment, I didn’t notice the heat from the cooper plates.

Tightra can be used externally as well. There’s a separate setting which only activates the cooper plates nearest to the nib. I didn’t use it in that way because I didn’t have an immediate need.  The video below demonstrates how it works.



As I said in my previous post, don’t be mistaken by the appearance Tightra is not a sexual apparatus. It didn’t give that type of stimulation. I still read during my 20 minutes treatment.

I never experienced any irritation or swelling, however by choice I refrained from sexual activity for 24 hour.  There was not there was not disruption to conjugal relations.

Silk’n Tightra Results

I noticed was more sensitive during conjugal relations and experienced increased pleasure.  Hubby and I had greater satisfaction. There something about looking after yourself that improves your all round wellbeing. Using Tightra made me feel better and more in-tune with myself and that was an unexpected bonus.

Now that I’ve completed my eight treatments (twice weekly for four weeks), I only need to use Tightra as and when I feel I need to.


IMPORTANT TIP: If you are pregnant, nursing or have an implanted metal birth control device seek advice from you GP.



Using Tightra was one of the best things I could have done for myself at this phase of my life. It’s not cheap but neither is cosmetic surgery. Having a device like Tightra to use in the privacy of the home that delivers results is very liberating.

Tightra can be purchased from the Silk’n website. It RRP £309




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