My family and I are having a Christmas staycation in Lincolnshire. Looking and my children in our new environment has shown me how much they have grown of the past year. Hubby and I no longer have babes. We have a little boy and a little girl. Babies are no longer  a part of our lives for many years to come and its a bitter sweet thought.  In the run up to Christmas, I’ve enjoyed cafe dates with my daughter and shopping trips with my son. As the dawn of 2016 I have a little boy and girl both cute, clever, charming and cuddly.


– enjoys school

– he’s now in reception class

– popular in his class and has a few firm friendships

– processing well with reading and writing (addition is coming along)





– is moving on from child-minder care to nursery (at Angelo’s school)

-she is speaking and now fully able to maintain a conversation

– almost potty trained (she even woke up one night to go potty)

– she enjoys role play games

– loves to ‘read’ stories (but she’s really telling a story based on book illustrations.


Together they are a team. They adore each other as strongly as they annoy each other. They fights are as fierce as their love and protectiveness of each other.

Having two children now at school,  I will now have small bits of time to do more house work, update my blog and work on my own personal development. New year is always so exciting! Stick with us and share your stories with us too.


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