What child doesn’t like dressing up.  Add gems and sparkles it’s sure to be a hit, especially with the girls. The animation series Shimmer and Shine has a range of products that will delight little ones who loves sparkle and fantasy. The Tiger Tales received the Shimmer & Shine Dress Up Trunk (based on characters from the animated series) to trial for the purpose of this review. Valentina and Angelo are fans of the show. However we don’t have cable. They only see she show when it’s aired on Milkshake TV.  The show is a Nick Jr animated adventure/fantasy series that follows the magical adventures of fraternal twin genies, Shimmer and Shine, who unintentionally create chaos while attempting to grant wishes for their human best friend, Leah. The kids were super excited when the dress up trunk arrived. Valentina had the honours of unboxing and trialling it. The Tiger Tales gives the Shimmer & Shine Dress Up Trunk two thumbs up.

Shimmer & Shine Accessories

Now kids can dress up like Shimmer and Shine. Valentina was all squeals as she unboxed her Shimmer & Shine Dress Up Trunk. The trunk contained delightful sparkly accessories which includes:

  • a pair of play slippers,
  • 2 bangles,
  • 12 interchangeable jewels,
  • 2 barrettes and a
  • decorative genie bottle storage container

Valentina continues to use the trunk as a storage piece for her Shimmer and Shine accessories, along with some of her big brother’s game figurines that she plays with.  The dimensions are 19.1L x 27.9W x 20.3H cm and it’s made of cardboard and plastic. The decorative genie bottles is used to store the jewels she’s not using. Because Angelo is fond of the show and there are boy genie’s after all, she gifted him one of the bracelets. He sometimes uses it as an energy talisman or when they play together. They customise their bracelets by spinning the arrow on the genie bottle to help them decide which gems to use. The play slippers are adorable. They are made of lilac stain with gold stain trimming and feature a picture detail of Shimmer and Shine at the front and anti-slip grip underneath. Little ones as less likely to slide on smooth floors (e.g. laminate or tile). Valentina is size child-size UK12 and it still has space for her growing feet.

Beyond imaginative play are opportunities for little ones to play and learn with the Shimmer & Shine Dress Up Trunk.  It’s geared towards 3 + years so it’s an fun way for little ones to explore shapes, colours, counting as well as strengthening fine motor skills.  The trunk RRP £12.99 which is good value considering the various ways the toys can be used and what’s included.

The Shimmer & Shine range is available from Just Play. You can shop the brand from Toy R Us



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