ORS is a staple hair brand of mine. I always have a product of theirs in my cupboard. I’ve been using their products for many years, from chemically straight to naturally curly. I recently won a competition hosted by Black Hair Online. My prize was the entire range of the new Shealicious products. I first spotted the products on Instagram. Then, I had the privilege of speaking to one of their product representatives at Curlvolution’s Curl Talk brunch over the summer. I was intrigued by the conditioning cocktails which were packaged like a Muller yogurt. After my trial, overall I was pleased with the results of the range.


So Shealicious

Shealicious has three conditioning cocktails, one cleansing balm shampoo and one moisture mist. I liked the packaging. The colours make it stand out and the novel look of the conditioning cocktails is brilliant. They are one part shea conditioner one part 100% therapeutic oil packaged like a Muller corner’s yogurt. The idea is to mix your own fresh treatment by combining the conditioner and oil before application. Since they are one use products and come in easily portable size they are perfect for holidays and over-night trips. With the exception pf the high shine booster, I used all the products. Here are my results.

 Cleansing Balm Sulphate-Free Hydrating Shampoo

It has a lovely feminine floral fragrance with rich creamy consistency. It didn’t produce excessive lather. After the product was rinsed out my hair felt clean but bouncy and conditioned. It didn’t feel stripped.

Moisture Mist (Leave in Conditioning Spray)

I was surprised by the consistency. Although it’s mixed with shea butter and honey the mist is watery. I used it after the cleansing balm shampoo, then followed up with a styling product from another range. While my hair looked good, the hydration was short lived. This product worked best for me as a mid-week detangling aid because it didn’t make my hair feel tacky or clammy.


Conditioning Cocktails

  • Scalp Relief Hair-  I mixed my treatment just before I washed my hair by simply tipping the oil section into conditioner and stirring to combine. I really liked the sort of minty tingle sensation I experienced while the treatment was processing in my hair. The oil component consisted of avocado and rosemary oils. It’s advised to leave in for 8-10 minutes. I left mine on for about 20 minutes (with a plastic cap but no electrical heat) because I’d used a medicated shampoo that left my hair feeling brittle. After the treatment, my hair felt full, bouncy with popping curls. My itchy scalp condition was relieved for a day which was much better than I experienced with other conditioners.
  • Moisture Lock Hair- Here again I used it after using the medicated scalp shampoo. I had the same results. However on this occasion my hair smelt lovely and fruity because the oil blend consists of tamanu and black currant oils. I really like the shine my hair had as well.

The Results

I was really happy with the conditioning cocktails. They delivered on their promise. I would use any of them again but I’m partial to the scalp treatment due to the itchy dry scalp condition I’ve developed over the past three months. The cleansing balm shampoo I used mid-week after a gym session a couple times. I have enough product left to last me about three months.

Depending on the hair length, thickness and regularity of shampooing the product could last for at least one month.  My hair is now styled in a TWA. I wasn’t happy with the leave it as it stands but for my hair texture I can continue to use it as a detangler.

Where to buy?

The range can be found at all good afro hair and beauty shops, as well as Tesco.


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