This weekend didn’t live up to expectation weather-wise. You’d think I’b be used that after living in England all these years. I live in hope that we will have a summer. Friday, however, was wonderful, so Valentina and I went to the park. Angelo was at nursery. I relish my one to one times with her and I think she does too. As it was a sunny day, she had tummy time outdoors.


Tummy Time

Valentina is just beginning to crawl. So, I thought I’d take her to crawl outdoors and enjoy the sunshine. It occurred to me that I never did that with Angelo when he was a baby but back then I was in dark place. Outside was the last place I wanted to be with him. Mercifully, God has granted me a second chance to be the mother I’d like to be. I try my best to  ‘make it up’ to Angelo as well.



Outdoor Sensory Play


Valentina loved being outdoors. It was a joy to see her with blades of grass between her fingers. While on the ground, she also worked crawling technique. Here she is having some tummy time:

tummy time


In Conclusion

Sometimes simplicity is best. If you can’t make a trip to the forest or other outdoor sites, local parks can be just as much fun.



Romanian Mum

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