YES YES YES looks like Spring is well and truly here. The weekend was divinely sunny in the ‘burbs. Hubby works on weekends, but as soon as the sun is out he thinks barbecue! Saturday he’d bought a barbecue pit at B&Q in the hope that the sun would carry through to Sunday and IT DID! As soon as he got in on Sunday, the pit was put into action. The kids were running around being their usual loud selves. There is no doubt our lil crescent knows that we have arrived. Sunday was the day we said, “hello”,  to our or new home as is our tradition, with food (in case you didn’t already know… yeah, we luv our food).

Angelo and Valentina are very pleased to have a small garden. We’ve not done anything to it yet, as we are still unpacking. I’d like to make it pretty and child-friendly, but at the moment its wild. Nonetheless just being outdoors was fun for the children. Angelo is an major fan of picnics.  He over the moon have his barbecue al fresco. While Valentina was more interested in perfecting her bubble blowing,  both children like looking at shadows. The age gap is closing in quick and fast between them and I have no doubt being outdoors will make Valentina grow even faster.




So did you have a good weekend? I’d love to hear how you celebrated the arrival of Spring. I’m linking this  blog post to the Country Kids from Coombe Mill blog hop.
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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