Its been one week since I last breastfed Valentina. She’s now 14 months old and I felt it was time for us to move on. If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll now that I had love/hate feelings about breastfeeding at the start of my motherhood journey. With Angelo I thought I’d only do it for three months, but when he was born I quickly changed my tune. It was hard at first and no tells you that the first few days can be hard going, to say the least. Although I opted to combination feed in the end, I still breastfed him untill he was 8 months. It may not seem like much to more experienced passionate breastfeeding mums but I felt proud that I was able to do it.  It seemed to me that Angelo was just happy to be fed whatever the food source. At the risk of sounding self-absorbed, I enjoyed breastfeeding Valentina more because she was into it and into me.


bady girl

Valentina, 2 months old


Why I combination fed


It’s with bitter-sweet feelings I’ve decided to move on from breastfeeding Valentina. Like her brother, Angelo, she was combination fed. From the start she made it clear she preferred being breastfed. I don’t even want to think about the money we rinsed down the kitchen sink, in unfinished feeds. However, I combination fed because:

  • I never totally felt comfortable breastfeeding in public (thank heavens for Mothercare & Kiddicare)
  • I never seemed to have enough milk (perhaps supplementing with formula could’ve have an impact)
  • Sometimes it felt that there was always someone on me, I wanted space at times
  • Its what I did with Angelo so I  thought why not do so with her
  • It was a great comfort to her


Mother and Daughter

Valentina 6 months old


Why I decided to wean


More experienced breastfeeding mums may disagree, but I felt was best to stop as I want her to eat more solids. Whether or not this will help her to sleep longer during the night is anyone’s guess. For a few days she seemed to miss it and would turn into me to drink her formula as though she was breastfeeding. Now, she’s fine and slowly accepting more solids. She hates mushy textures but can’t quite eat hard chunky veggies yet. Its a work in progress.

In spite of it all, I will miss how she would stop feeding to give me the biggest brightest gummy smile then returning to feeding; I’ll miss how she would twirl my two-strand twisted hair; I’ll miss her slightly dazed happy grin at the end of each feed.  Mostly, I’ll miss those special cuddles during feeding time when it seemed as though our hearts beat as one.


Toddler Girl


Are you a breastfeeding mum? Is your baby being weaned onto solids? What’s your story? I’d love to hear from you.




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