Brown Beauty Talk is now just over three years old. The website was created by   Ronke Adeyemi in April 2014 when she saw a gap in the market for an online beauty destinations for Black and Asian women. The website states that the UK market for cosmetics is valued at £97 million. On average WoC spend around £6 on hair and beauty for every £1 that a white British woman spends.


About Brown Beauty Talk

Alongside product reviews, interviews and features of well-known UK brown beauty celebrities and influencers posted on the website, Brown Beauty Talk also hosts #BBT Twitter Discussion. Every Sunday at 8pm GMT a Twitter discussion  is held which covers covers a variety of beauty issues from finding the right foundation, the benefits of BB and CC Creams, sun protection to going natural (i.e. ceasing to chemically straighten hair and allowing the natural curly, kinky, coily hair to grow) and more.

Brown Beauty Talk is the place to go for all things… well… brown beauty. They’ve got you covered. Check out the website.

The Tiger Tales had the opportunity to hold an online interview with Ronke Adeyemi. 


The Ronke Adeyemi Intererview



TTT: Tell us a bit about yourself.

RA: I am a lady who loves the art of communications especially in digital form. So Social Media and blogging are ideal for me.


TTT: Who were your beauty and fashion icons growing up?

RA: remember admiring Donna Summer, Diana Ross, Diahann Carroll and Gladys Knight because they always looked so glam. Plus Randy Crawford and the ladies from Boney M.


Ronke Adeyemi


TTT: On social media the hashtag #blackgirlmagic is popular, what does the term mean to you? And how does that influence the content on Brown Beauty Talk ?

RA: It means embracing the power of black women and celebrating it. It’s also giving credit where credit is due to a group of women who have not always been appreciated. 


I think the term tally up with what we are trying to achieve which is acknowledging women who look like us and showcasing them.



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@jourdandunn and @leomieanderson hanging out on the FROW at London Fashion Week! Love it!

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TTT: What makes Brown Beauty Talk different from other UK black/brown beauty online magazines and blogs?

RA: Well there isn’t a UK platform that reviews beauty products, features Women of Colour who work in the beauty industry as well as having a weekly Twitter discussion. So what sets us apart is the way we engage with our audience.


TTT: Do you have any plans to engage a teen reader following? If not, why?

RA: Actually yes we do. I have been thinking about having a Brown Beauty Talk junior event. I feel that this is important because a lot of teens seems to have serious body and image issues which really concerns me.


TTT: Two years from now, where would you like Brown Beauty Talk to be?

RA: A highly respective platform with a loyal and engaged following.



Get Social 

You can follow Brown Beauty Talk on Instagram and on Twitter Ronke has a personal profile on Instagram on which she shares highlights from events, speaking engagements, dining out and more.


(uodated 31st May 2020)




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