Role Models is a unique London childcare agency providing skilled, ad hoc care for children of three years and over in their own homes. Each Role Model has been selected because he or she possesses a talent in at least one of five specific areas: music, drama, sport, arts & crafts or homework help. The company was founded in response to a number of educational studies* highlighting the positive impact that extra-curricular activities can have on a child’s development. All Role Models have been DBS checked and have extensive previous childcare experience ([email protected] / 0782 559 8344).

Role Models aims to inspire children to create and learn, whilst having fun at the same time. There is increasing evidence that education should extend beyond pure academia and that music, drama, sport and art have a positive impact on children’s creativity, cognitive & sensory development, spatial-temporal reasoning, social skills and self-esteem.

Hugo Shephard (Founder) says: “Rather than providing a regular babysitter, tutor or full-time nanny, we are offering parents access to a variety of Role Models who not only uphold core values but are also passionate and talented in their field. It’s an opportunity to develop children’s ‘well-being’ outside of the classroom in an informal environment.”

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Dr.Anthony Seldon (Headmaster of Wellington College, contemporary historian, commentator & political author) says: “Role Models shares Wellington’s pioneering attitude towards child development through holistic education. By giving children the opportunity to partake in music, sport, drama and arts & crafts, parents are better preparing their children for life’s challenges.”

Role Models is a unique form of childcare designed to give children access to great people who share the same passions. The company values holistic development through fun during children’s formative years. To date, Role Models has received an average customer rating of 9.7 and every customer has re-booked.

Booking the service:

• Role Models can be booked over the phone or via email

• Parents do not have to be a member to book

• Typically we require 48 hours notice to provide a Role Model, although we will do our best to find someone if less notice is given

• We cannot guarantee the same Role Model every time, but if this is the preference, we will aim to do this whenever possible

• Each session is a minimum of three hours

• We charge £20 (incl VAT) for each session booked, which is invoiced on a monthly basis, to avoid multiple payments. The £20 session fee covers the sourcing of an appropriate Role Model, the handling of logistics, a hassle free replacement should they fall ill and the running of the website

• Role Models are then paid £10 per hour directly at the end of each session

• Our current introductory offer waives the £20 fee for a new customer’s first session

• Role Models will be introducing a monthly membership model (that removes the need for a £20 session fee) to enable even better value for regular customers.


Press release copy and images were provided by Role Models 



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