I recently attended a private screening for the Black Panther movie. It was hosted Vlogger Influencer duo Tri and Jay, of Curlture. The screening was held at Cineworld , Wood Green, London. It was quite a bop from Carshalton, Surrey but tit had to be done. All member of the audience were gifted with a goodie bag that contained samples of Revlon Realistic, the event’s major sponsor. I trialled some of the products recently. Revlon Realistic’s Strengthening  Curl Revive is my hero product


Being Realistic


Finding the right products for my hair type on the Great British high street is hit and miss. There are more products available but not all are right for my hair. Some are too heavy, some are too clammy.  The reality is no two curls are the same; as a result we need as many options on the high street as possible. Enter Revlon Realistic.

Revlon Realistic product ingredients include Black Seed oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter,  Argan Oil and Coconut Oil. All of these ingredients with the exception of Black Seed Oil, I’ve used over the years in their natural state as part of my hair and beauty regime. They are ingredients I treasure.

Black seed is derived from the fruit of the Nigella Sativa flower; the Black Seed has emerged as a skin, hair, and health healing resource. We harvested the seeds of its majestic blossom and isolated the compounds that nourish and support healthy hair. It is used in haircare because it said to soothe scalp and strengthens hair. Natural anti- inflammatory, black seed oil fights flakes and inflammation to create stronger roots. Strong roots reduce hair loss and oil infused hair becomes visibly thicker and fuller.


Full Range


Revlon Realistic’s range consists of seven products:

  • Strengthening Butter Crème
  • Strengthening Conditioner (Intense Moisture)
  • Strengthening Curl Revive
  • Strengthening Curling Custard
  • Strengthening Edge Control
  • Strengthening Shampoo (sulphate free)
  • Strengthening Twisting Puddling.


The Trial


I received full sized Strengthening Conditioner and Curl Revive, along with sample sachets of the Strengthening Shampoo, Strengthening Butter Crème and the Strengthening Twisting Puddling.

Shampoo & Conditioning: On hair wash day I used my usually sulphate free shampoo then followed up with the Revlon Realistic Strengthening Conditioner (sulphate free, 340ML RRP£6.99). We had a fight the bathroom. Man, that conditioner was  so thick! It as a struggle to get of the bottle. In frustration, I  whacked it a few times… I did say it was a fight. Seriously the conditioner was thick as you would expect from a hair treatment to be. A tub rather than a bottle with a pump might be better packaging. Its good stuff! My parched curls needed it.

My curl types is 3B/3C which been colour treated. The ends are damaged and requires a good quality conditioner to care for it. Despite our fight I really like Revlon Realistic Strengthening Conditioner. It conditioned and moisturized my hair. The curls were pillow soft and so bouncy.

Styling: I followed up with the Strengthening Butter Crème and my usual organic oil to style. The Butter Crème was perfect for my hair time not to thin not to heavy. It was the perfect amount of creaminess. My curls hydrated, well defined and not weighed down. I only had one sachet but I’d happily use it again.

Now, the Strengthening Curl Revive (240ML, RRP£6.99) I’ve been using almost daily for two weeks. It’s my hero product. I’m very picky about curl refreshers because I only detangle my hair on washday. Some curl refreshers make my hair look and feel clammy, tacky or crunchy over time. Curl Revive was just the ticket. It worked as well as my usual spritz which is from a natural brand.

Curl Revive contains a selection of  natural hair loving ingredients like: Nigella Sativa (Black Cumin) Seed Oil, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, Neem Leaf Extract, Soybean Seed Extract, Coconut Oil and Shea Butter. Using the product, I didn’t experience product build up. Best of all,  it hydrated my hair and kept it soft.




Based on the results I’ve had with Revlon Realistic, I’m pleased with the range.

For affordable haircare, join the revolution.  You can shop the range from the Revlon Realistic website. On the site you can purchased bundles for example the  full sized shampoo, conditioner and Butter Crème combo RRP £16.66.

To see the full range and production information, visit the Revlon Realistic website.



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