I’m a fan of Boucleme haircare. It was probably the first hair care brand I used where all the products worked for me. My curls weren’t weighed down. The curl definition, elasticity and shine were perfection. I’ve used most of their products, including their Curl Towel. Now they’ve developed a hair oil, 5 Revive, just in time for winter. The citrus-evergreen fragrance is so uplifting for these dull bleak days. Best of all, for those us who follow the LOC method ((liquid oil cream), Boucleme is complete.



Why I use hair oils


I’m caring for my natural hair the way mother did when I was a girl. I wash my hair once weekly, then I oil my hair and scalp before styling it.  Some may say that oil attracts dust and build up. I think the trick is to use organic oil that doesn’t’ sit the scalp. My hair flourishes with the LOC regime.

Oil helps to protect my hair against heat damage, maintain moisture and give it a luscious shine.



Revive 5


New to the Boculeme family is Revive 5 Hair Oil. 5 Revive contains:

  • Moringa Oil promotes healthy blood circulation and healthy hair follicles
  • Mongongo Oil helps eliminate flyaways and smooth down frizz
  • Daikon Seed Oil helps to prevent hair fall out. Also contains Iron which is essential for keeping your scalp and roots strong.
  • Virgin Coconut Oil – moisturiser with natural antibacterial & anti-fungal properties
  • Olive oil softness and shine to hair.


My hair responds very well to the last two, while the others were three were new to me.



Trialling 5 Revive Oil  By Boucleme


5 Revive Oil (RRP100ML £28) is a very light and non-greasy hair oil. It has a unisex citrus smell which is in keeping with Boucleme’s collection. On washday, the oil was massaged into my damp hair and scalp. My scalp felt invigorated. Once dry, my curls had gorgeous shine with minimal fizz.

Applied to my dry hair mid-week, the oil didn’t settle my flyways but frankly that didn’t bother me. I love the slightly tousled look. 5 Revive absorbed quickly. It didn’t weigh down my curls or cause build.  My hair had a natural-looking shine and smelt lovely which lifted my spirits.

5 Revive worked well for me. I believe I have normal (as in not oily or dry) hair. The oil may be too light for kinkier coils that are prone to dryness, if used on its own. Pairing it with Boucleme Curl Cream may yield better results for drier hair.


It’s a good all year round hair oil. The one bug bear I have is the packaging. The oil is in a glass bottle with a pump top. I don’t like the pump.  It got slippery which was annoying, when I was in a rush.  5 Revive is thin and light enough to work with a spray top. Additionally, the spray top would enable better product distribution.




Love love love the oil. Not a fan of the pump cap.   For more information, on Boucleme products visit the website.


(updated 5th October2020)


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