As you know we are fond of books that feature diverse characters and topics. It’s extra special to see a non-white character on the cover of book. Anna Mcquinn recently released a new title from Alanna Books . Zeki Can Swim. We where also sent a copy of Zeki Loves Baby Club. I was especially pleased about that because Valentina commandeered the Lulu books we received the last time. Her argument was that there’s a girl on the cover so the book must be for her. Now both kids are happy to have books they can cuddle up to on their own time, when I’m not reading to them book.


The Illustrator


Anna’s Zeki books are illustrated by Ruth Hearson a different illustrator to her Lulu books. However Zeki has the same adorable features and details. Angelo and Valentina think he’s SO cute! The books present a cast from various racial backgrounds. Although they are not books about race.  They are capture moments in time of a Baby Zeki’s life while showing people he meets along the way. The stories are likely to appeal more to children 3 – 5 years old.



Introducing Zeki


Zeki Loves Baby Club is a lovely story. It follows a day in the life of Zeki as he goes off to Baby Club. My two kids still have fond memories of their trip to the local children”s centre. They could relate to the events taking place, all the songs and games. In this book, Anna introduces children to the sound of foreign languages via the simple universal greetings ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’. The back cover also has the added treat of words to nursery rhymes like ‘Rolly Polly’ and ‘Peek-a-Boo’.


Our Thoughts On Zeki Can Swim


The new book Zeki Can Swim came out just in time for the summer holidays. I adore this book because it puts Zeki’s dad in the frame. I treasure books that feature dad’s. It almost feels like a treat and it shouldn’t be. Zeki’s dad takes him swimming. There are sound, ‘splish’ ‘sploosh’ words and action words ‘kick’ ‘swoosh’ kiddies will love and be encouraged to get animated too. My favourites are the tender moments between Zeki and his dad. Its fantastic to see a dad in a nurturing role.



Where to Buy


Zeki Loves Baby Club and Zeki Can Swim are wonderful tiddler summer reads. They will also be enjoyed all year round. Each book RRP £7.99 for paperback. For me information about other Anna McQuinn books and the publication list of Alanna Books, please visit their website.

Please note, this is not a sponsored post. The books were supplied by the publisher for the purpose of this review. They have no influence over this review or the content of the blog.


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