In June, the revolutionary hairdryer, RevAir, was launched in the UK. How can you make a hairdryer revolutionary, you ask? Well it sucks rather than blow … I don’t mean to be naughty. It’s true; the RevAir actually sucks the water off the hair without causing heat damage. I attended the launch and even had my hair ‘reved’ by Hair Expert Afope Atoyebi.  On my hair, it worked best as a dryer not a style aid. Recently, I was sent a RevAir unit to trial on my hair and my daughter Miss V. We have different hair types.  I was eager to see the results. Additionally, how could I enhance the final look at home? After my first trial,I think cracked it. Miss V and I were both thrilled with the results from RevAir.



About RevAir

RevAir is “The World’s First and Only Reverse-Air Dryer”. After nearly four years development and testing it was launched in 2018 in the USA. RevAir began when …one resourceful dad’s use of vacuum suction to make ponytails for his daughters; His friend’s observation that the same method made his own daughter’s hair feel softer; And, his sister’s belief that this method and insight might be the basis for a genuine solution to her own crazy hair challenges. Based on initial tests and dramatic results, they knew that the combination of reverse-air and heat was worth pursuing.’


What you need to know 

The unit can be bought on its own or with accessories of your choice from the RevAir Website. On arrival the unit came with the hose and head attached. You need to insert the filter and attach the hose to the body. You will also receive a spare fuse for the plug. The manual will show you how.

When RevAir is set up it is ready to be used. There’s no need for heat protection or any styling aids when using RevAir. It doesn’t cause heat damage and it works best on damp hair without any hair products.


Trialling RevAir

Along with the RevAir Reverse-Air Dryer (RRP £359) I received:

UP & ATOMIZER Spray Bottle                      £14

UP FOR GRABS Sectioning Clips (pk4)       £6

GET A GRIP Wand Holder                            £30

BUNDLE UP Hair Towel                                £14

Using RevAir on 3B Curly Hair

On hair wash day, I washed and deep conditioned my hair. Then, I sectioned and detangled my hair. Next, I put on the RevAir Bundle up Hair Towel and got ready to dry my hair. The hair towel is shaped like a turban and felt super soft. Best of all, it didn’t snag my hair. It took about 30 seconds to dry each of the 9 sections of my hair. After playing around with the settings I settled on setting 4 and high heat. Neither my hair nor scalp felt hot or scorched at any point. It was relatively soothing experience. Each section was twisted into Bantu knots. The knots stayed in for roughly 30 mins before I took them down and styled my hair.




Using RevAir on 2C Curly Hair

Although, she had seen me do my hair, Valentina was unsure when it was her turn try the RevAir. I think the size of the ReVair and how it worked made her feel wary. Once I got started she relaxed. I washed her hair with a conditioning shampoo. I didn’t use a conditioner. While her hair was wet I detangled and sectioned the hair. I put the RevAir to setting 2 but kept it on high heat. Once again the sections dried in seconds. It looked and felt super soft, silky and stretched. I also put her hair into Bantu knots in six sections. The knots were left for 15 minutes. When I took down the knots her hair had a loose curl to it that was shiny and bouncy.

Recommendations & Conclusion 

I would recommend that curly kids’ hair be conditioned and detangled before using RevAir. I safely used RevAir on Lil V, she’s 6 year old daughter but I would recommend checking with the brand if your child is younger. Prior to using RevAir, I had not had my hair blownout in roughly a year and that was by a professional.

Although RevAir can work on any hair type the results will vary. Straight hair types could easily use the RevAir as a styler. While curly and kinky hair types will benefit from less stressy wash days, quicker dry time and no heat damage. There is also less chance of hair damage from over manipulation, pulling and tugging with a barrel brush. For a complete look, straighteners, twists or Bantu Knots with light styling products would be required depending desired look.

As for Lil V and me… mind blown! We were both happy with the results. I look forward to perfecting my use of the unit to create beautiful natural hair looks for us.


For information about the RevAir, the payment plan accessories etc visit the website. You can also find RevAir on Instagram.


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