In the early days of my motherhood, I didn’t like going out. When hubby’s paternity leave was due to run out, he insisted that we all go out. I needed fresh air he said. So we bundled up Angelo (he was a winter baby) and went to the shopping mall. Since then, shopping as an outing has become a habit of ours. For me, I like the comfort of knowing the aisles are wide enough for the buggy and the area will not be too crowded. The changing rooms will be relatively clean and so on. Basically,  shopping a mall or home-wares store is a controlled environment and that gives me comfort. The ripple effect of that is the kids love shopping. If given the choice they’d choose shopping over the park, as much as they love being outdoors. Good ole IKEA has found another ‘product’ that parents and kids alike will love, an on site outdoor playground!

IMG-20140428-WA0001 (2)_1

The weather is warming up, so the kids had a chance to try out the IKEA outdoors playground. While I was having a much deserved break and some Me Time. Hubby took the kids to IKEA to buy a few bits for our new home. Before leaving the kids played at the playground there, and from the looks of the videos and pics they had a lovely time. I was really pleased to see Angelo looking after his sister and showing her how things work. He’s growing into his role as big brother and protector.

IMG-20140428-WA0004 (2)

Like most brothers and sisters. They have their spats but they enjoy playing together too. However, Valentina is very strong-willed and independent. She likes to go off and do her own thing. There is now an adjusting period for Angelo to learn that she is his little sister but no longer a baby.

IMG-20140428-WA0008 (2)

She can walk, run, climb and play on her own and he needs to give her space when she wants it. Its a lot for a little boy to adjust to, so I’m glad that for a moment they were able to find a common ground at the IKEA playground.

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