Its near the end of January and I’m now penning my resolutions. Honestly, they are as not as deep as I had intended but at least I have a few objectives for the year. I’ve chosen to split my resolutions in two parts, one for my blog and the other for my personal life. It’s expected that they will cross-pollinate each other and that’s absolutely fine.

My blog resolutions are:

  • Monetaize The Tiger Tales
  • Improve on the quality of the photography
  • Attend more blog network events
  • Find and be a part of collaborations


Personal resolutions:

  • Stay committed to my gym and get fit regime
  • Find creative fun relaxing outlets for me time
  • Continue to work on my confidence
  • Get my driving licences
  • Getting my children’s book published
  • Be more organized with my home management

Do your write or think about resolutions? If not why not? And If you do what’s top of your list for 2016? I’d love to hear from you.


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