I love my Trini food! The last time I visited Trinidad I was 5 months pregnant with Angelo. Flights are expensive and I knew it would be quite a while before I saw my family again. I went after the carnival season in June June 2010. I sent mum a list of things I wanted to eat, before I left. I planned to gorge myself on yummy goodness for me… and baby of course. The sunshine and Vitamin D would also be a good because baby was due in winter that year. I had nine days of bliss and good Trini food, while on my babymoon in Trinidad


Trini Comfort Food


It’s no exaggeration when I say the way to my heart is a Trini Dalpuri roti. I had my fair share of it when I visited home back in 2010. I wasn’t a blogger then or you know I would have been taking food pics like crazy, selfie, selfie.  A few days ago I spotted a blog post by Ronke Lawal on Who’s For Dinner blog. In her blog Ronke said, Language may be diluted but food has a way of reminding us of who we really are. Food for me is where my comfort lies


Craving Trini Food


It’s so true,I didn’t have any crazy cravings during my pregnancy I simply wanted food from home. I guess I wanted the sense of security and comfort that mum’s home cooked meals would provide.

Becoming a mum myself was new uncharted territory for me that was exciting and scary all at once. For those brief days I reverted to my younger self. Mum combed my hair, held my hand whenever I crossed the street (which was a bit weird). She also made me:

  • Coconut Bake
  • Sweet Bread
  • Cassava Pone
  • Fried Black Pudding
  • Breadfruit Oil Down
  • Trini Pelau rice
  • Callaloo;


Trini Streetfood

I ate lots more in my time at home with her and my family. The roti I bought from the shops along with sides of curried pumpkin and channa (chickpeas). In the food was the love, the history and family connection.

There’s nothing like the taste of home to make you feel special. Don’t you think? What’s your favourite meal from your country?

The closest I’ve come to it so far in London, Limin’ in Spitafield’s Market and  Roti Masters in Sutton.



(updated 26th May 2020)


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