I’ve had a great week! Its been a mixture of small successes and the realisation that I have to put more work into some areas. Overall, I’m happy and I feel very positive about the future.

I’m cheerful because:

  • using my adult colouring book not only makes me feel happy and relaxed, its opened up my creative side again. I’m now looking for supplies that I can use to dable a little with art. I’m not an artist but I do like art and I like being creative. Even if my end result is a stick man, at least its something I created as a away to express my self.

#rockyourhandwritting Instagram Challenge

  • I’m also having fun with an Instagram challenge under the hashtag #rockyourhandwriting. I stumbled upon a few days ago while exploring Instagram. I’m over the moon about. My  handwriting is horrid! I don’t expect it to change over night but I’m finding using my hand again to write on a daily basis has made my hand more flexible if that makes any sense. Also, it will help me rediscover cursive writing which I have long forgotten how to do and I need to start assisting my son ASAP. I’m feeling more confident daily exploring the skill of writing by hand again.
Meeting Michele Scott-Lynch, Founder of Boucleme

Meeting Michele Scott-Lynch, Founder of Boucleme

  • Last night I had the pleasusre of attending a product launch for one of my favourite haircare brands Boucleme. Boucleme is a UK Brand founded by Michele Scott-Lynch for curly hair types. Its range is 0% sulphates, silicones, mineral oils, petroleum, propylene glycol, PEGs, parabens, and artificial fragrances and colours which means my little girl and I can both use them. It was awesome to meet Michele for a a curl talk.
  • I’m looking forward to visiting China Town with the family over the weekend. We don’t often get into the City as a family. It will be awesome to explore the shops and exhibition areas for Chinese New Year celebrations.

What’s making your cheerful this week? Maybe you had  a rough week? How did you get through it? I’d love to hear from you.

I’m linking this blog post to the Reasons to be cheerful blog hop hosted by Lakes Single Mum.





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