It was wonderful to see blue skies today, although it will do little to help the families suffering from flooding up and down the country.  More bad weather is set to come, in the face of such gloom I hope the families get the help they need soon.

Things have been ticking along for me and mine.  This week I’m cheerful because:

  • Touch wood self-hosting is going fine so far in spite the numerous amount of spam comments.
MsXpat Instagram Profile

MsXpat Instagram Profile

  • I’m really getting into Instagram. Like Twitter its on 24/7 sometimes when I’m feeling blue an image can really lift my spirits. Its also allowed me explore other interest in more depth than I would on my blog and interact with wider cross section people
Toddler Brekkie

Toddler Brekkie

  • On the home front, the age gap is closing quick and fast between Angelo and Valentina. She now has her own bed! And she’s able to play a bit more on his level. Its joy to seem them interact, (sometimes) even when the ‘argue’ .
  • I’ve landed a few review interesting review opportunities which is always a treat but when one of them comes from your favourite magazine, WELL my cup runneth over! More on that at a later date…
  • Oh! almost forgot, the kids saw their first Chinese New Year Lion Dance in Woking last weekend! Angelo found the noise disturbing but Valentina totally enjoyed it.

So that’s me how are you doing? Have you or any of your family been affected by the horrible winter weather? It would be lovely to hear from you.

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