Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy from the Heart
So how did you ring in the new year? I’m sure it wasn’t like hubby and me, trying to get the kids to sleep in order for us to have a few quiet moments before the dawn of 2013. We finally got both kids sleeping by 11 pm which left us one hour to relax before falling asleep.  Who said romance was dead… more likely its asleep on the sofa.

I’ve not had the head-space to come up with my 2013 resolutions yet, but I’m do know what I’m cheerful about. I’m cheerful that:

  • I made it through the holidays and it was wonderful having hubby around. Bless him he did the festive meals.
  • My  baby girl is now four weeks old, AND finally she’s filling out her clothes a bit more. She’s got cheeks! AND her lil chicken legs are just about plumping up.
  • Angelo is saying more words and phases every day and his use of his imagination fills me with pride. I know all kids go through this phrase but its lovely to be a parent and witness it daily.
  • I’m gradually losing my baby-weight and tummy and I can fit into a lot of my pre-bump clothes
  • I don’t have much more stretch marks than I had when I was pregnant with Angelo and I’m really proud about that as I was very diligent in keeping my bump moisturized 
  • Tomorrow I’ll be having a little pampering at Westfield… more on that soon…

What are your new year’s resolutions? How has your week been? Why  not join us in this blog hop, do visit Michelle at Mummy from the heart to find out how to, or drop a me comment below let me know how you are. To all my twitter followers and blog reader, old and new, WELCOME and THANK YOU for your support.

Once again, Happy New Year!


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