Well, I’m a bit more than cheerful this week. I’m overjoyed! My family and I recently returned from our staycation at Center Parcs Elveden Forest. I’m aching all over from our active week away but I’m feeling good. My family and I had an AMAZING time together and apart.

Here’s a few reasons why our break was so awesome:

Zen Garden

  • Hubby booked me a three hours session at the Aqua Sana Spa and he looked after the kids. It was a very hot day so most of the experience rooms were empty as other visitors shied away from the extra heat and opted for lounge at the pool. It was sheer bliss to relax alone without the chatter all around. The Zen garden very fragrant, quiet and scenic experience to end my time at the spa.

lake side view

  • Angelo is too old for the Time Out creche now and we didn’t want to separate him from Valentina, so we hired a babysitter via Center Parcs. Due to that service hubby and I had TWO dates while there. We had a lovely time on the water rides and special dinner on evening. The kids also had a lovely time. The babysitter was wonderful they truly liked her. Valentina’s lil face lit up when she saw her on the second evening.  She played with them, helped Angelo feed the ducks and ride his scooter.
  • The sunshine was the star of the entire week. We were spoilt.  Ever day was lovely and sunny. The blue sky looked  a perfect tropical blue with big puffy white clouds. Our time at the subtropical swimming paradise experience truly felt as though we were in the Caribbean, especially, when the wave machine kicked in.

Well, that’s me. How did you send your week? Why are you cheerful this week?

I’m linking this post to the Reasons to be Cheerful blog hop which is being hosted over on Ojo’s World. Come on over.

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