The week has gone by quickly. As much as I’m enjoying the sunshine, I loved the few rainy nights we’ve had. Now that we live in a house you can hear all the elements of nature: wind, rain, thunder and man-made ones too … helicopter, sirens, horns. It seems strange to say but I feel exposed, living in a house. I love the rainy nights but scared of the thunder and lightening. My son tells me I need to be braver. I guess he’s right, out of the mouth of babes, right.

Anyway, the reason I’m cheerful this week are:

– I’ve said it before but I’m really enjoying our local parks. This week I discovered a new one that is lovely and has fun bits that can really spark the imagination of little ones. I have to say it was down to our local children’s centre hosting a teddy bear picnic at that park that lead to my discover.

– The kids and I got a visit from a dear friend of mine from Trinidad. Its the first time she’s met Valentina but she met Angelo when he was about two years old. It was a great to catch up AND bonus have an extra pair of hands and eyes on the playground


park life

my reasons to be cheerful this week

– Just under two months ago I received some advice on coping with wash-day and hair combing stress I experience with Valentina.  This month, she and I are feature in Prima Baby and Pregnancy magazine. If you are a parent struggling with toddler hair tantrums check out the feature. It gives advice and options to try to alleviate  the trauma from the experience.

That’s us for this week. How about you? How’s your summer coming along? What’s putting a smile on your face. I’m linking this post to this weeks Reasons to be Cheerful blog hop which is being hosted by Ojos World this month. So, come one hop on over.

Ojos World

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