I can hardly believe that I’m now a mum with a school run! Well … strictly speaking its nursery but its a primary school nursery.  Angelo has begun nursery this term, hence the nursery run.

This week, I’m cheerful because:

  • Angelo has begun nursery and seems to be settling in well. However, I’m curbing my enthusiasm untill the full cohort of the class come together. The school is staggering the start so the children don’t become overwhelmed. At the moment, I’m counting my blessings that he does not fuss to go and is not overly happy and anxious for my return. I think that’s a good start.
  • Now that Angelo is at nursery, Valentina seems out of sorts at times. We’ve decided to send her to a child-minder for one morning per week. It’s the cheapest option for us. I’m hoping she will make friends there. She has no friends of her own. She plays Angelo’s friends, if they include her. We searched and finally found someone. I’m looking forward to her starting.
  • Valentina and I had a lovely time together this week. While Angelo was at nursery, we had a nice one to ones.  One morning we had breakfast out, then we went on a mini nature walk. It was like going down memory lane so to speak. Angelo and I used to do the same. On the days we didn’t do anything outdoors. I read her stories, just for her. She also had time to play with toys in her way without interruption.

Well that’s me. How about you. Why are you cheerful? I’m linking this post to the Reasons to be Cheerful blog hop hosted by Lakes Single Mum.

Reasons to be Cheerful


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